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The Blacksmith God Summery: Hellion was playing his game like he was always doing and on the last day before the game went off line for major update he made his master piece sword that he was working on for a month! But when he remembered the good times with his friends online, a tear went down his face but in the game you couldn’t feel anything. Now what has happened?

Note: Overlord has inspired me in this story. Check it out, it is a good story in my book :3 Recommendations will be on another page.

Chapter 1 – Awaking

Chapter 2– A New World, A New Life

Chapter 3– Wanted

Chapter 4– The Attack

Chapter 5– A Helping Hand

Chapter 6– Defense Of The Village Part 1

Chapter 7- Defense Of The Village Part 2

Chapter 8- …………….. Thinking >.>’