I’ve Turned Into A Human No Longer! (One Shot, Maybe)

I’ve turned into a Human No Longer!

Was reading a novel and I felt like making this for fun! 😀

Warning: LOTS OF GORE!

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: START :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

In a dark cavern with barely any light peeking through a handful of cracks that you can count with only a single hand, a person covered in ragged torn clothing with visible scars that still bled on his body. The person was unarmed for the time being as he ran into the side of the wall as he couldn’t stop in time, tumbling he ran once more in a panic and desperate manner from the bark that came behind him. Currently he is inside a dungeon called “The Dungeon of Hell” which had a lot of demonic beasts ranging from dogs, birds and other beasts that you see around the world normally but with demonic powers and are aggressive to all those who enter its territory and would immediately attack. The man however ran into a dead end, turning around in horror towards the demonic dog which was a dog twice the size of a normal dog but with red fur, his fate was sealed as he screamed and yelled as the dog ate him alive. He cursed those who threw him away all because they wanted more treasure from the chest they found just 30 minutes ago, an adventure party asking for the assistance of a “Thief” class adventure as they have of need of one.

But in the end all they wanted was to use them and kill them off all because the man asked for a single ring of gold with a small magic gem imbedded into it that boosted ones magic and physical detection slightly. They said “Sure you can have it scene you were the one to open the treasure chest without setting off the trap” but later he was stripped of his weapons and armor when he slept, finding himself walled off by the magicians’ earth magic who was in with them from the beginning. Greedy, selfish and self-centered was the things he found out later as he searched the area around him, only to be found out by a demonic dog later one which later lead to this.

The man’s body was brutally eaten by the demonic dog, deep-heavy bites and wounds were on his arms and legs and he tried to defend himself but made no progress and only annoyed the dog further. The dog started to become more savage in its attacks by biting his head on an angle that destroyed the man’s eyes with its bottom teeth, the scream from the man hurt the dogs ears so it chose to finish the man off with a death choke bite (bites and puts tons of pressure to the targets neck until it dies). The man punched and kicked desperately as the dogs sharp teeth made its way deeper into his neck over time, the man then tried to open the dogs’ mouth with his hands but only made the dog mad due to how difficult he was to kill. Eventually (from Sponge Bob) the man died drowning in his own blood in the end.

Curses came out of the man’s dying breath left his mouth and darkness took over, of course his hatred for human kind grew to the limit of complete annihilation levels, the Godsess of Demons; Akta saw his hatred for human kind grow at a rapped rate she decided to speed it up. She swiftly flew to his soul and captured it then she began to make his hatred grow, she whispered how they wished for him to die, how they laughed at your death cry screams, how they acted so sad while telling the guild you died. She kept on telling him over and over again how the group he was with made light of his death, anger and hatred was now his blood keeping him alive and was his purpose.

Satisfied with the result Akta started to show love and pity towards the man’s soul by saying sweet, calming words in his ear as she hugged him from behind softly. “Don’t worry I’ll be here with you”, “it’s ok” and “don’t cry, be strong so you can take revenge on all of HUMANITY”. The man kept on hearing her sweet words and fell into her arms and hugged her back, Akta happy with the result hugged him back and rubbed his back with her tail to comfort him.

“My poor sweet little human, I’ll give you a second chance and a second name.”

The man looked up from in-between her breasts with eyes of wonder, Akta smiled back to the man and kissed his forehead while saying.

“Your name from now on shall be: Lados. Be sure to remember it from now on.”

The lightly purple colored Akta the Goddess of Demons showed a pleased smile to the now demonic man named Lados as he happily threw away his human name which he wished to never remember. Lados hugged Akta tightly as tears of happiness wet her breasts as he silently said his thanks to which Akta could clearly hear. As time passed Akta waited for Lados to regain himself, whipping off his tears Akta held his hands as she pulled him up. In the dark empty space only the figure of Akta was seen, she wore a light dress with long sleeves of deep purple with a red trim on its ends, it was easy to see her legs peeking out of the dress if she walked.

Lados looked at her up and down; her hair was loose and reached all the way to her lower back which was bright red like the setting sun. Her bat like wings and snake like pointed tail are both dark purple to the point of making you wonder if they were black or not. With the constantly staring Lados looking at Akta she chose to bring him back to reality by calling out to him, now paying attention to Akta; Lados listened to her.

Lados will be brought back from the dead in his original body but he could now change his outer appearance from the monsters he eats (scaly skin, furry skin etc) as well as his form. He will also gain of the monsters powers, he will also be able to use demonic powers if he gets strong enough such as summoning demonic beings from hell like demons. After he heard this Lados asked Akta in a serious tone “Could I summon you to be my wife?” at this Akta could not reply for a few seconds from the sudden request of marriage and simply stared at Lados. On the other hand Lados just had a plain face on as if it was not embarrassing and waited for Akta’s reply to which she said “If only you kill off the Holy Empire along with the Pope of Saints and the Pope of Gods.”

Lados had a serious look on his face and he took her hand and kissed the back of it before looking into her eyes from her hand “I shall get rid of them for you my dear.”

As he said that he vanished into his old but renewed body, obediently he set off to wipe the Holy Empire and the Popes for his future wife.

Akta only held her racing heart which she has just experienced for the first time.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::: END :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

For some reason this took only 30 minutes O.O also I changed the settings to English (U.S.)” for fun!

Tell me what you guys think about it, and this is just a one off until I feel like making another chapter of it later.

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