I Was Reborn As A Horse! C11 P4

I Was Reborn As A Horse!

Chapter 11: I Was Named A Hero! Part 4

One more Part and thats it! for the “Named A Hero” ok!

::::::::::::::::: Start :::::::::::::::::

As the [Water Lance] heads towards me I tried to jump out of the way and grazed my back leaving a sword cut, feeling confident he fired another handful of [Water Lances] towards me. One of the five [Water Lances] managed to hit me hard as a massive circle was left behind after it hit my left side deeply, and I have got to say; even though he is a fat, greedy man; he knows how to pack a punch with magic!

If it’s magic then I know a lot, but if its attack magic then I am not the person you are looking for as support magic is my field while everything isn’t. During my time as a human I made numerous support magic spells and one of them is classified as “Deadly”. I begin to invoke that deadly support spell on myself, as the reason behind it is simple; the more damage I take, the damage inflicted to me will go to them but at the cost of pain. Whoever attacks me will have the damage jump to them and not to me, but I will the feel pain I was supposed to feel. Now with a dark blood red aura around me I have confirmed that the spell has been activated, I begin to charge towards the fat magician with [lightning lances] close to my body this time.

“Take this you stupid HORSE!”

He summons a small scale [Water Wave] towards me, swallowing me and his men in it and because of my lightning covered body it somehow killed everyone as I saw lightning flickering all over the place as I was inside the [Water Wave] that has pushed me back quite a bit. Now laying on my side I felt a heavy amount of fatigue as I tried to get up but as I lifted my head I felt something push me down.

“That was unexpected; your lightning killed all my men within my [Water Wave]. Well at least I got your horn, which is the only thing that matters now. Die for me will you?”

He said this as he slowly walked over towards me who was laying down couching up some water that I swallowed, when he was 5 metres away from me I used magic to kick up some dirt that I dried into his eyes making him hold his head with both hands.

“ArrgHH! So you know some dirty TRICKS TOO?!”

Now while he was blinded he threw [Water Blades], [Fire Lances] and some [Earth Boulders] all over the place in rage trying to hit me who was laying in the same place thinking that I ran somewhere else. Still lying in the same spot while he was throwing magic spells uselessly all over the place thinking he might hit me at least, after about 30 seconds of useless spell casting, he finally managed to rub all of the dirt in his eyes before looking around. Finding me stand in front of him without any new wounds on my body making him stare at me with bulging eyes of disbelief of my so called “Dodging Skills”. Breathing heavily with shaking hands and legs at the sight of me charging towards him with multiple [Lighting Lances] by my side as I rammed into his now lifeless body, as I stopped running his body flew to the ground with a thud and now alone in the circle arena that I crated I look around to find nothing was moving with life apart from a single flower that was hiding under the tree I laid at before the battle. Blue Moon flower, a flower so blue it was like the moon that appears once every 10 years for only a night; the flower shines a dark but bright blue making you think it might have come from the deep sea.

I plucked the Blue Moon Flower with care and placed it in my mane before destroying the [Earth Wall] I created and made a thin sheet of ice before me to look at myself with. The horn of my head grew bigger to the point that you could just see about 6 inches of my horn, dry and dirty blood was everywhere along with slashes and shallow cut outlines that I received from my reckless charges. I’m tired and exhausted but I still need to free the slaves and head back to where Victoria is as that is the only place where I can take a good and long sleep in peace.

Walking at a slow pace due to fatigue, I arrive at the covered cage and removed the cloak covering the cage revealing 5 girls in rags. They all looked at me with wonder before looking over towards the bodies of the guards and were shocked about them being all dead, I pushed them back gently with some wind magic before turning around and aimed were the lock was on the cage before kicking repeatedly a few times before it broke.  Sighing greatly out of exhaustion I walked out of their path and waited for all of them to get out of the cage, once all of them were out of the cage I motioned them to follow by bobbing my head and walked slowly so that all of them could follow smoothly. Walking for a bit then waiting for them to catch up, I did this every now and then and made sure I killed anything that tried to harm them; none of them were injured which made the trip back to the cave easier but I could always heal them with my magic as I was a support based magician back when I was a human being.

How I miss the good old days when I had all of the books, scrolls and grimoires all related to support magic spells.

When I got back to the cave Victoria was mad at me but when she saw the rag covered girls she immediately went from mad to sad at the sight of the girls, but when she saw me covered in wounds entering into the cave last she cried tears at the sight of me. Hugging me and crying on my wound covered body, she cried herself to sleep while not letting me go with her small arms around my neck as I slept in a cat like position (a cat sleeping like a ball) around her all through the night with the Blue Moon Flower in her hair. Meanwhile the slaves rested their head against my body as they slept cuddling each other under the cloth I got from the merchants convoy, the night was getting colder but the cave stayed warm.

::::::::::::::::::::::END ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

I have been busy lately T.T *Sad music*And I just got back from a Snow Trip! #Snow Board 1

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