The Front Line

The Front Line

One Shot Chapter: Survival of the fittest

Just want to write this today also this won’t be going on any further than this…. enjoy!


A canyon that has a fortified checkpoint wall with towers and guards buzzing about left, right and centre, the canyon was 100 metres tall with walls half its height and holes just big enough for a person to fire an arrow out as well a magic spells. The sun was high in the sky melting the bodies of the guards hard at work training and doing their work around the base, some chose to relax while other didn’t and continued their business. Their armour was special as it had magic and a crest that made the men and women who wear it, tremble in fear as the crest was a curse, their life is a curse.

The crest has a falling drop of blood entering the mouth of the hell spawn that took over most of the world and now both human and non-humans work together in order to survive just one more day as every day it could be their last and all of them new it well. Every day the leaders of every group come together to draw the dates of peoples birth day, every day they call out to them and they must serve their last remain race, every day THEY attack at noon till dusk and with their attack hundreds die, with their attack they draw closer to the last remaining survivors. The crest is called a curse for this vary reason and everyone knew it well, from the children to the elderly they all knew it and all of them do not wish to serve but they must in order to survive one more night.

As the guards look up to the sun a shadow started to move towards the clock that was made to identify when the monsters would attack, one guard stopped to look at the clock and when others saw him, they too stared at the clock until everyone stopped to look at it. The time was near as the shadow crept every closer to the circle on the ground and the sound of sweat dropping was like an earthquake smashing the surface of the ground itself. Breathing was as loud as the mountain winds but everyone here no longer know what a mountain is as they were born after the “day of death” when the first attack happened, on everything that had a heartbeat, that had blood, that had flesh; THEY ate everything in sight, THEY do not know fear, THEY too want to survive. Everyone wants to see another day, everyone wants to be…. ALIVE.

*Clang, Clang*

The alarm bell was hit without care and the watch tower guard variously hit it with the rope tied bell, everyone who heard it jolted up awake from the trance and hurried to their stations were they would fight and horde of death, the horde of : Life Takers. Their bodies were made out of bones with flesh hanging from their bodies, their heads have no faces, no eyes but everything else was there. They were bold with a slick shine when the suns light hit them and they were skinny to the very bones of their hunching bodies of death but it was easy to tell if they were male or female as they have normal human bodies but without the eyes and massive teeth that was 1 inch long. But not only were they horrifying with their screech that sounded like metal scratching against rock, but their number never seems to decrease no matter how many you kill, along with their sense of smell that seems to be able to pick up even the smallest drop of Oder so dung bombs were affective for a while at least.

They run faster than humans and jump up to 10 metres and they don’t even care if they step on each other for even a single drop of blood or flesh was like a day’s meal to them, truly an annoying foe as they managed to track them no matter where they went. As the human guards got into position the others helped the non-human guards as well, Vampires draw their powers from blood so they each took a small meal from the pre-arranged agreement but not too much as they also need strength to fight. The Dwarves got onto their cannons and catapults ready for the signal from the watch tower to tell them when the Life Takers were in range for their weapons, the Elves were on the walls and shooting holes ready to unleash their magic and arrows. The Beast Men along with every other strong solders got into their formation in front of the gate, walls and choke points that was made by the Dwarves.

The gate leads to a narrow room 3 metres tall, all the rooms were 3 metres tall to restrict the Life Takers ability to jump 10 metres high and attacking from every angle because of it, so the gate leads to a sort of single path leading towards the top of the wall which then leads towards the final known safe place on this cursed world. An old fortress made by the Dwarves, at first the Dwarves fought off the people who pleaded for them for shelter but when they sent out their army to deal with the human beggars, the sight of Elves and Dark Elves, Vampires, Werewolves, Halflings, Humans and Fairies made them stop in their tracks and question: Why would everyone from every race be at our door step begging us to help them build a wall and a town to live in?

The answer was the Life Takers, on that day every race from every corner of the world join hands, paws and branches together to fight off the Life Takers that stop at nothing but at the sun’s rays to find a meal, to kill them. This happened 150 years ago and still to this day they fight together against the endless horde of Life Takers as they fight to see another day, another life being born and taken, to find the answer to the being/beings that created the Life Takers.


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