I Was Reborn As A Horse! C10 P3

I Was Reborn As A Horse!

Chapter 10: I Was Named A Hero! Part 3

I’m using a DnD 20 sided Dice for this :3 wish me luck!

:::::::::::::::::::::::::: START ::::::::::::::::::::::

As the guards made their mind up an archer shot an arrow towards me which was then followed up by 14 more arrows flying towards me, I proceeded to doge and fire off a [Wind Blade] the same size as me.  No arrows managed to get through so I fired off 10 [Fire Lances] towards the wall of shields which ended in failure as their shields were able to take the blow head on like nothing happened at all! I grinded my teeth together as I fired another 10 [Fire Lances] towards them with a few aiming for the ranged guards, managing to only scrap a few of them here and there but I managed to do something at least.


Crap another volley of arrows!

“Aim, FIRE!”

This time they shot not one but two arrows at the same time, I used another [Wind Blade].

*Stab, scratch*

I was hit three times but it was not a problem as they were small scratches to me and I used [Heal] to seal up the wounds and proceeded to change up my attack method. I made a massive boulder come out from the ground and combined it with [Wind Magic] to fly through the air at a faster speed than normal towards the guards, the magicians destroyed my bolder sending bit of rock flying towards them which in turn killed 17 of them as they lowered their shields thinking they were safe.

“Hurry up before it tries to use a spell again! And make sure you don’t damage that horn!”

As the fat belly shook all over the place as he spoke, the guards shot off a few [Earth Spears] towards me and I made another [Earth Wall] quickly to stop them from hitting me but out of the 10 [Earth Spears] only one managed to hit its mark (Me).


The [Earth Spear] burst through my defence and managed to hit my right shoulder and luck was shining on me as the attack was not strong enough to do permanent damage to me but it would take a long time for it to heal without magic so I used [Heal] to fix it up after taking it out of me. Unfortunately it was worse than I thought as a massive amount of blood came gushing out as I tried to heal seal the wound so I used fire magic to seal it quickly but I lost a lot of blood and started to feel dizzy, and from the pain of burning the wound I let out a painful neigh unintentionally which in turn boosted the guards moral to kill me more quickly.

Angry and annoyed I used some a [Support Magic] that I mastered and even crated new spells that I haven’t told anyone about before, using [Lightning Magic] along with some [Support Magic]; I managed to create an intimidating [Support Magic] spell that boosts the targets six senses to in-human levels along with lightning around their body; they are able to cause damage to anything or anyone near them. [Lightning Reflexes] is what I named it but it has yet to be fully polished as it burns the targets skin slowly over time and the longest I have been able to withstand the burning for is 30 minutes after a lot of changes to the spell itself which took me 2 years to master it to some degree and the other side effect is that the targeted person with have temporally blindness for 5 minutes after the spell has been used but the problem is that even if you use it for 10 seconds and turn it off, you will still be blinded for that long; I have yet to understand this myself which is why it is nearly mastered to some degree.

As I thought about this spell and the amount of times I have used it on skilled warriors during my final battle, I used it on myself with a greater amount of magic due to my body size which in turn made me look more deadly and mad than before. I lowered the [Earth Wall] and after doing so I heard the guards mumble to each other quietly as they saw my body covered in lightning from head to toe; there I used [Support Magic] boosting my speed even more and charged their location with [Lightning Lances] flying out of my body and towards their tight formation I smashed into them causing no damage what so ever so I aimed for their rear where the mages and archers were located but they managed to doge my attack. (I just had no luck here at all when I rolled the dice)

When I galloped towards their front again after causing a fuss I managed to get my first victim as I flew into his back with my enchanted horn killing the person and cooking him at the same time, flinging him off my horn I begin to wonder how long it has grown when I looked at the hole in his spine. Taking the opening I gave to the guards by mistake I was attacked by a raged guard but because of my lightning enchanted body he too was cooked and died falling backwards causing a chain of lightning to kill another 3 guards. I should research about this chain of lightning later. As I saw the chain of lightning an archer took a shot at me with a light cross bow hitting my left side but only making a small red dot on the location thanks to my enchantment. So I charged towards their locations and made a small [Earth Quake] with [Earth Magic] and managed to make almost all of them stagger and using this opening I killed 5 of them during the opening I gained.

“If you want something done right, do it yourself!”

Said the fat greedy bellied man as he through a [Water Lance] towards me.

:::::::::::::::::::::::: END  ::::::::::::::::::::

Kirin Monster Hunter.jpg

All rights belong to Monster Hunter: I love fighting this monster (Kirin) and I got it’s armour and weapons too :3 but I love fighting the Nargacuga, Dalamadur, Lao-Shan Lung and Shen Gaoren ❤ I love them all but there is one I hate the most when I have to fight it…… Deviljho anyways that enough from me as I better get back to hunting in Monster Hunter Generations! ❤ Nintendo for putting all the monsters into this one game!

Anyway my luck was good for a while then went downhill before picking up again which was ok. The above image is when his using his enchantment magic on himself.

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