I Was Reborn As A Horse! C9 Part2

I Was Reborn As A Horse!

Chapter 9: I Was Named A Hero! Part 2


Click clack, the hooves of the carriage pulling horse reverberated and grew louder by the second as a total of 8 carriages with some of them covered and other were not; they slowly went down the road towards the bandits’ hide out.  I started to hear talking; light laughter and silence mixed in as the guards along with the merchants chatted about this and that as they slowly but surely came into my view.

[I just want to make this part funny for some reason…. It must be me I guess]

As a bored, tied guard yawned while looking here and there, he was suddenly woken up by my MEJESTIC figure as I lay against a of bright healthy green, flowers covering my body as if to say “this is it’s home” along with a light that shines right onto me like a spotlight. The guard was dumbfounded along with a gaping mouth that was trying to say something but couldn’t as it opened and closed in utter amazement from the very second he saw me. His fellow guards were wondering why he suddenly looked like a fish trying to breath on land and moved to where he was before looking in the same direction as him before he too was turned into a dumb fish along with gaping large eyes as if he found something that he wanted to leave alone to gaze at its beauty.

More and more started to gather around the first guard and stared at me as if wondering what to do, before long I started to blush in embarrassment as I started to feel like a young boy who won a competition and was praised by all my friends as well as my family. As I turned my head to the side in embarrassment  the guards and merchants started to say some things like “We must of scared it a little” or “Better if we hide for a bit” and hurried to their hiding spots to gaze at my beautiful figure.

That was not part of the plan what so ever and I was annoyed that they didn’t try to catch me until the cloth on the cage moved for a person to see what was happening, a petty girl with grey hair peeked out from under the cloth and looked at me with envy in her eyes as she saw me. I stared into her eyes as it draws me in, the eyes told me her life in the span of 10 seconds.










Betrayal, why was that there? How was she betrayed at such an age? Don’t tell me, her parents sold her off because of a dept. *sigh* it must have been really tough for her and she looks to be about 16 and lacks nutrients due to her hair turning white along with a bruise on her shoulder and a collar around her neck all while wearing a simple rag over her body.

Guard: “What’s it looking at? Huh? Oi a slave is looking through the cover!”

As he said that the other turned to find the slave I was looking at and rushed to cover the cart and probably punish her for doing so. As all of them turn towards the carriage I used this time to blast them into pieces as I was enraged just by looking into her eyes. As this was a forest I don’t want to use fire so… I’ll use every other spell that isn’t fire or lightening! EVEN THOUGH IT WOULD HAVE BEEN SO COOL! *sniff*

I made a wall of earth between the guard and the cage and then proceeded to encircle the area where there were no gaps, with confusion the guards and the merchants wonder who made this earth wall. With the wall up I can start killing them with no holding back now!


A guard’s body falls on the ground and with that moment of silence another smaller “Thud” was heard and it was the head of the now headless guard when they moved their eyes towards the sound. Once they saw his head they all started to panic as they turned towards me, well I thought they were dumb, I guessed wrongly. They went into a formation quickly as the captain, I think, yelled out the command for it to happen and some of them in the back could use magic so they shot a few earth bullets at me but I simply over powered the magic earth bullets and turned it around back at them killing 2 guards who stood at the vanguard. There are about 50 of them left as it was a pretty big convoy which I just understood after counting them, tsk I shouldn’t have blushed!

“All right everyone we got to kill that Unicorn as it is clearly hostile! Whoever gets its horn will get 30% of the price as a reward!”

As the big belly of the slave merchant, from looks as I don’t know if he is or not, said this every one became determined once they looked closer at my head. Well they are not a dumb bunch after all, I must be on alert!  

“Don’t forget! The Kings Daughter is currently sick and he will pay a hefty price for medicine that can make her better! And it just so happens that a Unicorns horn can cure anything! So… GET ME THAT HORN AND YOU WILL GET PAYED 25% OF IT!”

Didn’t he just say 30% last time? His greedy pig after all…..

I stand up as he finished his talk about money and the kings daughter and prepare for battle and with the tension in the air from both sides we waited for the other person to start the battle but with the fat pig wanting money so badly he yelled out the order for attack at the top of his lungs.



Part 3 wil be next and i might make 5 parts.

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