I Was Reborn As A Horse! C8 Part 1

I Was Reborn As A Horse!

Chapter 8: I have been named…. Hero! (Part 1)

:::::::::::::::::: START ::::::::::::::::

Victoria Quay Le Henry is a noble it seems and what I want to know is… why and who wants her as nobles are always to kill each other for power, power is money, military, trade, partnership and so on. I had a friend who was a noble but was killed by an assassin when he was sleeping and right now Victoria is the only person I know and have as a friend. So right now I’m going to protect her and make sure she lives until she is older than me in my first life, hugging my neck extremely tight to the point where I glanced at her hands, it turned white due to how tight she was hugging me.

Bandit: Scared as always whenever you see me huh? Well I need you alive so don’t worry about a thing. *smirk*

This some of a ….. I’ll make sure you die

I glare at the bandit before me while Victoria trembles when he heard him about having her alive, this scum bag he apparently wants to sell her off as a slave or worse….

As the bandit started laughing as he looked at Victoria as he took out his well-used sword and charged at me; thinking he could kill me, he took a massive swing with no room to defend him. As the sword was nearing me Victoria screamed as the man before me was impaled with ice shards that I made out of thin air. The bandit with his eyes wide open, stood there in disbelief as he didn’t know what happened until he looked down to see ice sticking in and out of him, he tried to say something but only blood came out of him before his eyes and body started to drain of life.

“W-what!? Er?”

Seeing the now dead bandit who, I wanted to kill extremely badly, lays on the floor. Victoria screamed at the top of her lungs which I then quickly used [Sound Field] to block out the sound the user and his allies within 5 metres from the outside world, I was tasked in keeping certain secrets for nobles and once even the king himself which was a great honour for me, until he was assassinated the following afternoon but managed to survive only to be bedridden for a total of 5 years before dying of natural courses.

Victoria is in a little bit of shook as a once living man is now dead before her eyes, anyways I better watch out for more of these bandits. I quickly went into the cave with a ball of fire ahead of me to make sure I could see inside if there were any of them left. None were inside so I placed Victoria in there along with food and water before saying… I mean making a noise to try and comfort her; I also gave her the Hero’s Flower. Closing the hatch on the cave, I did make sure there was still air going into the cave so she should be fine for about 3 days? No, 5 days MAX as she was still a little girl.

Making my resolve I buried the dead bandit without his armour and weapon before heading out with my tracking skills as a human, I followed his trail for a whole 6 hours before finding their hide out. I killed a few annoying Devil Frog on the way, they are annoying as they attack anything that comes into their territory with poison from spitting, licking or bitting and they won’t stop attacking until you are out of sight. Truly the Devil’s handy work here.

Not long after killing an estimated total of 50 Devil Frogs, I found their hideout which was on the side of a kill with a roughly 50-90 metre cleared space between the hideout and the forest. I got to say their leader is smart to make such a clearing as it would make any attack on the hideout much harder.  Thinking up a great idea but it had a high chance of risk, I started to snoop around the place from a distance to get an idea of how many bandits there could possibly be as well as their weapons and possibly, no most likely how many slaves they have hidden inside the area.

After making a few rounds of the hideout I found out how big their base was.


T <tree          ______\   /______________l                          =< Road                          T

T                           l  []      /–HQ—–\                     l                         =                                    T

T             Wall>  l            \_________/        []       l                        =                                    T

T                           l                                                          / <Gate        =                                         X<ME

T                           l        <Storage>                              \ <Gate                                                T

T                           l                              [l][l][l][l]         l                                                                      T

T                           l    []<Tower         /Barracks\       l                                                             T

T                           l                               \______/   []l                                                                 T

T                            l____________________l                                                                         T



Note: Word Doc makes this look bigger and was not able to fit so i had to do this part again…


Currently the gates are closed and I was not sure how long I had to wait until they open again, so I followed the trail that was made from the wheels of wagons or merchants leading out of the forest. While I was following the trail I came across a merchant convoy that has black sheets covering cargo that are box shaped, slaves was the first thing that came to my mind and for a good reason too. Slave merchants have black sheets or something similar to cover the view of their slaves as they might be able to find their way back home as well as the possibility of having their client become angry due to their slave running back home or somewhere they know well.

I used wind magic to run back to a turn on the road and then pretended to be a sleeping horse by laying down in a patch of open ground where they would be able to spot be, well I’m a unicorn or well be if the horn on my head grew a bit bigger then it would be easier for them to tell. Anyways my idea is for them to think I’m a sleeping unicorn that has let its guard down and have them capture me, put into the cage and entre the bandit’s hideout before breaking out and freeing the captured slaves! And killing the bandits of course.

Huh? Oh here they come!


The holidays where busy which was not what I thought was going to happen! Also I went on camp for a few days and it was great which got me into the mood of finishing this but now it’s back to school, yes I am typing this during school SSShhhh!!! By the way I found a group that has writers from Beginners to Professionals that show their work, give opinions or tips about them and help with the DEADLY…….. WRITERS BLOCK! So I might be able to write more.

Note! I don’t feel like writing anything else but this story so far but I hope I can get the motivation with this group of writers which I am hoping as well because BLACKSMITH GOD is a story I want to finish but it is sure hard T.T sorry if anyone was hoping for another DEAD DAYS or BLACKSMITH GOD.



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