I Was Reborn As A Horse! C7

I Was Reborn As A Horse!

Chapter 7: I Will Be Your Horse And Legs.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::  START  ::::::::::::::::::::

Waking up to the once again cold air of the morning I restarted the dyeing small camp fire that I made before going to sleep before getting up to stretch my numbed  limbs, lying down again next to the warm fire. The girl opened her eyes and also stretched out her stiff limbs.

“Thanks for everything so far, oh and yes I need to think of a name for you!”

Thinking the girl close her eyes and thought while I was excited to hear what name she will give me, I felt like I was going to burst just waiting for her. Then finally she opened her green eyes, holding my breath I waited.

“I can’t think of anything.”

Hearing that; I fell backwards and layered there with a tear in my eye along with the feeling of sadness as she couldn’t think of a name for me.

“Eh! Don’t feel sad, I’ll think of a name for you. Maybe I just need something that matches you that’s all.”

Wiping my tear with her hands I felt a bit better and thought of an idea, take her out of this gloomy cave (which may give me a bad name) and go out to find something that matches me like a flower or something.

In cave = bad name!

Outside of the cave = Good name! (Hope it is).

Using magic to pick her up and place her on my back, I quickly leave the cave (not forgetting to bring food with me) and went towards the Iron Bulls’ feeding area. Arriving there with haste I stood there on guard with 100% alert and vigilance. Magic at the ready I want to make sure she will not get hurt, AT ALL!

“T-that was quick and what is that massive thing? Is that an Iron umm cow? No bull? An Iron Bull?”

The Iron Bulls were on guard the moment they saw me, must be the time I killed the Flame Cat with a block of earth. Speaking of which the Flame Cat I killed is still on the earth spear that I used to kill it. As I stood there for a moment, I began to eat the grass while the girl was still a little shocked from the impaled Flame Cat.

As she was going to look towards the Flame Cat I quickly buried the body in the ground as she was too young to see a dead body at her age and it might make her have nightmares.

“Er? What was that just now?”

I tried to motion her that it was nothing but she didn’t get it so I made a pleasing sound to comfort her, accepting it as nothing just like I tried to tell her; she nodded with a “All right.” Looking around I saw a path to what looks like a flower field, thinking that It might get me a good name; I started to walk over towards the flower field path slowly while keeping an eye out for anything that wanted to attack us.

Walking down the path with nothing trying to kill us, we arrived at a flower covered field; filled with all the colours of the world. Standing there stunned together we look at the flower field in silence along with the wind blowing the flowers making it look like the waves of the sea but with flowers.

“It’s so wonderful, beautiful! I don’t know what to say.”

Yelling this out while hugging my neck with joy, she asked me to quickly find a spot under a tree to relax for the day while thinking of an awesome name for me.

Now I can get an awesome name that will shock the world! Hahahaha!

Thinking this with confidence and a smug look on my face, in my head of course, I laid down to let her off and using my body as a pillow she laid back with a smile on her face in the flower field.

Now I just need to wait until she gets a good name for me, please, please be a good name!

I secretly cried and begged the Gods of Fate.


After lying down until the afternoon sun started to set and after eating some food we headed back to the cave at a slower pace as I was full of food that I just ate. While the girl simply hugging my neck with a sleepy face full of happiness as she snugged against my white mane. Going down the path back to the iron bull field I kept on walking pass the massive iron bull herd I went straight to the cave not minding them but of course I made sure I was on full alert due to the possibility of meeting another Flame Cat or something else that will try and attack us on our way to the cave.

There I found someone standing in front of the cave, the man was bandit like wearing light leather armour, a short sword on his waist and a bow with a full quiver of arrows he is also rugged with mud, dirt and scars. He didn’t look friendly at all when he turned to look over towards me.

Yea not a good friendly looking person at all…

Girl: Er!? W-what is HE doing here!?

Bandit: Oh so you are still alive? Well I can still use you I guess.

Oi! What do you mean USE!?

Looking over to the bandit, I felt the girl shaking with fear and fright as she hear the bandit say ‘use you I guess’. Hugging me with all her strength with her eyes closed it was clear that she didn’t like him at all.

Bandit: Well then if you don’t want to go by the looks of it then I’ll just have to kill that horse slowly in front of you then take you with me once again. Victoria Quay Le Henry.

Victoria Qu ……what now? Wait! Long names are noble name! so she is a noble!?



Blacksmith God (Teaser)


A massive explosion came from the other side of the Village which may or may not be one of my girls who decide to use some deadly magic on someone who pissed her off, perhaps.  Putting away my Halberd under my cloak, I ran towards the raising smoke on top of buildings like a ninja due to wearing full black and all. Jumping over 10 more buildings and roofs I arrived to where the explosion happened to find an odd scene before me, Lily is hugging a small boy in her arms with eyes of happiness while saying “So C-cute” in a small voice to herself. Shusha is sitting down eating an ice cream; she got somewhere, while sitting on a pile of 3- dead bodies like it was the normal thing to do. Yuna is practicing her archery skills using a frightened solider with an apple on his head against a wall with arrows all around him, near his head mostly and I could see a puddle under him.

Now with an awkward expression on my face, I cleared my throat and called out towards the girls.


Assessment tasks >.> take so long to finish and I just got another! X.X

Just about 30% through the chapter as I’m a little stuck at a point in the story >.>

Dead Days will be pushed back until the holidays as its in 2 weeks’ time so please wait (~.~)/ ‘

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