I Was Reborn As A Horse! C5

I was reborn as a horse!

Chapter 5: A new home and a new friend!

forgot about this chapter >.> *face palm!*


Morning came with the cold air blowing outside and entering the cave, I have my body blocking the cold air for the little girl who is injured before me next to the camp fire I made when it started to become cold in the night. Now with her using my body as a pillow but I was worried as the little girl hasn’t woken up scene the time I found her, I fed her food after crushing it in a earth made bowl along with another round rock to crush the food into a mushy substance and gave her water through magic. Now the light of the sun shrined through the tree tops into the cave and as it did so a growl came from my belly, time to eat grass!

After placing the girl gently onto a make shift bed made out of soft earth, I stepped outside and covered the entrance of the cave with vines, bushes and a few rocks by using magic! At this point in my new life I have never used the so called “Useless” magic that is called “Plant Magic” or “Nature Magic” for those who don’t want to use the word “plant” but let’s focus on the real issue at hand, Grass!

Walking within the forest that I have decided to call The Forest of Exile as it is now my home and possibly my grave if I am to care free which in fact I do not plan to die here at ALL, it is best to change the topic now.

He says Ahem but….


Wow I really did nay just like a …. Horse, I sometimes forget I am now that I think about it but I always end up remembering it one way or another.

While walking for a bit longer I found a path made by a small animal as I found the grass opening up (its bending away from the path or leaning away from the path) and from my experience it is some type of hunter, looking closer I found orange-red fur on the grass and path. It might be a Flame Cat from my examination and experience through a greeting that involved the end of my bead becoming a forest fire as it shot of some “Flaming Claws” that flew through the air towards me. The Flame Cat is a short-tempered cat where if angered it will have its body covered in fire capable of turning a chicken into a cooked chicken on a whim. (KFC anyone?)

A Flame Cat is a big as a donkey or slightly bigger than a fully grown man (5,6-10) with claws that make heavy armour look like butter, fur that is said to be able to melt iron, steel and soften if you are it from a distance of 5 metres. A deadly beast indeed which has been given the rank of A-S depending on the age of the beast, a Flame Cat of A has 2 strips on each side while an S rank has 4-6 and a Black rank has the strips coloured gold. Black ranked Flame Cats require a black ranked Adventure which is on the level of a hero who number as little as 1000 members on the planet. Just thinking about it made my tail stand up as I felt a chill run down my spine, I mean along it.

I followed the trail neither the less and advanced for about an hour until I arrived to a grass strip of land starting from where the trail ended till the end of my vision, it was littered with animals ranging from big and small, they are called Iron Hide Bulls. They are harmless but if provoked they form an arrow head charge while the others form a protective circle around their young, the males have bigger horns while the females have smaller horns but both can go through iron armour. The Flame Cat is their natural predator as the claws can easily get through their hide; anyways I better not poke them and just eat this fabulous grass!

Nom, Nom, Nom.  (Here)

Eating for about 5 minutes while looking around to make sure I was safe, I also had some earth magic on standby which I already cast but I didn’t fire it but it drained my manna bit by bit and if I had to say how much it drained, it drains about a bowl full every 30 seconds depending on how much manna the user has, the more manna the caster has the slower it drains. My teacher told me this but there isn’t any real method of finding out how much it drains unless the caster feels it, in short the caster knows how much it drains when they do it themselves. Well to my teacher it like having a full tub drain 1 raindrop of water an hour, truly crazy don’t you think? It’s because he is a black rank adventurer when he was younger of course now he should be about…. 79 or 80 years old now I think?

*Russel, Russel*


As I said that in my mind I saw a Flame Cat ponce towards me with its claws spread out ready to grab me, but I hit it from under its belly with a rock spear which kill it instantly….. Wait what? Instantly killed, I killed it with one move without even trying… I stared at it for a whole minute before I walked over to the body of the Flame Cat and poked it with my hoof and tried to hear it heart beat which never came.

After that I went back to the cave to look after the girl who is now awake and shivering in the cold dark cave, when she saw me she was scared until I snuggled up to the frightened girl, she was happy. Yet I was full of unease for what had happened today, how powerful have I become scene the day I died to now? And was I born on that day or was I born years later? This can be answered when I hear this girl’s story, IF SHE KNOWS HOW TO SPEAK HOURSE!!!!

(His grabbing his own head in anger in spirit)




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