I Was Reborn As A Horse!

I was reborn as a horse?

Chapter 1: My first little steps!


I can’t…. move well?

I tried moving but my body was dead tied and heavy to the point where I couldn’t move at all, then I remembered what had happened. A battle of a scale that covered a whole plain, a battle where I died fighting but I will be dead soon. Tears started to flow down my face as I felt the world around me getting colder and colder by the minute, thinking rapidly like never before I remembered a book talking about a spell that will give you a second chance at life. A spell to move your soul into another body, in short take over the targets soul and control the body for yourself, but it was a load of crap I was told.

[Better than nothing and I might as well die trying for a second chance than dying for good]

I reached for the bag near my body to my right and got out the book with the spell I had to try! Heavy, must be the lack of blood I have in my body but here goes nothing. Opening the book I flip through the pages with my blood stained hand until I arrived at the page I was looking for and started the spell.

*Magic spell being said out loud*

The spell seemed to be working but it might just be luck, any how it was working so that’s the main part and as the spell was finished so did my life. Everything darkened and dropping the book in my hand I died. A member of the high ranked magicians (Sage), Berk Dolin.  I wonder what will happen now.


I can feel the wind blowing on my body and a warm heartbeat. I wonder where I am now, wait! Could it be that I am indeed alive? This is beyond my expectations that it would work, at all. I wonder….. did I become the next king? A noble, monk, or the next hero? I have heard legends of the hero who killed the demon king along with his party over 1,000 years ago, the battle was the alliance of the world vs the demon kings army. We managed to win but at the cost of billions of people from all walks of life, from the demi-humans to the humans, all lost lots of lives in that battle. Just thinking about it makes the battle I died at look like a game, but let’s focus on what’s happening right now and who or what I am.

I somehow managed to open by eyes and I saw a green grass field before me with the wind blowing onto my face and body, it was nice. My vision was a foggy or blurry but that must be because I was just born right? Mt body was shaky for some reason but I try to stand up and fell on my side and saw a hoof. That’s not mine right? Was what I thought but when I move it, the hoof of a horse moves as well. Looking around to confirm it I saw horses all around me, ranging from young too old and of a large verity as well. Looking back to the hoof I followed it to make sure, from the hoof and up to my chest I found out I was indeed a new born horse, what were they called again? I didn’t pay attention in that field as I was always reading book, tomes and scrolls about magic as there is something to find out that you didn’t know.

Finding myself to be born as a horse, I started crying in my heart and the scene of regret feel heavy on my body. Hang on if I remember correctly, I saw a herd of animals that look all the same running from wolves and the little ones were always hunted the most as they are the slowest, and right now I’m a little horse! The image of a wolf chasing after me, laughing and eating me was played out. I gathered my wits and stood up! For about 10 seconds but that was an improvement, I kept on trying until finally I managed to stand without falling over, but I was hungry and what seems to my mother came over to feed me. It was odd, truly odd for me to drink a mother milk once again but I was hungry so I had my fill and stuck close to her, looking around and taking my first steps as a horse and not a human was hard not matter how hard you try as I needed to use my hands, well what felt like it, to help me walk.

The day quickly went by and it was night, I slept cuddling close to my mother until the next day arrived I was hit by the cold morning and started shivering slightly, then I thought of something , was it possible to use my magic? And if I am correct I will be able to survive! Let’s see here…..

*saying it side his head*

[Fire of live and warmth, grant me a flame of your existence! Flare!]

A small flame appeared in between my eyes, hovering before me but because the others might freak out I killed the flame before anyone saw it. Knowing that I can use magic, I can also use the chant less magic form and maybe seals as well but I will need to use more of my manna scene I can’t write it, so I’ll have to use magic to make the seal and then use more manna to activate the seal to make it work. Tiring, but on the bright side I can train my manna pool to grow from before into something bigger, but I can’t tell how big it will be unless I shoot out a million fireballs and count if it increased by 1 or 2.

Looks like my new life will be tiring scene birth and not only do I need to do magic training but also run away from wolves and monsters such.


Published by: Shuffling505

I like to read light novels and manga. I use to league of legends and main support. I play the D&D table top game and Monster Hunter 4 U and Generations. When i can i write my novels.

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  1. when i looked into my news feed first thing i saw was this title my reaction was:……. why not


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