I Was Reborn As A Horse! C4

I was reborn as a horse!

Chapter 4: A horn grew? I was banished too? Now to sulk and start my new adventure too!


It was early afternoon by the time I woke up, getting up and stretching I started to graze on the grass that was bright green as I was hungry, I would have said yuck but now that I got used to it I say delicious! Looking at the setting sun and for any more pesky wolves, I noticed that I was eating alone due to the distance between me and the others was about 100 metres (…..) so I started to wonder why and walked towards them only to see them walk away. I stopped walking and thought for a moment, it must have been last night’s fight with the wolves but why do they not want to be with me? I found a pond and went over for a drink only to find myself with a white horn in the middle of my head, I turned into a unicorn before I knew it. That could also use magic.

I started looking at my new figure, turning my head in all directions and then looked at my injured leg only to find it brand new and shiny. It was simply shocking to see that there has not been a scar or flash wound mark on the bitten area from the razor wolf at all. Stunned I stare at it for a little bit longer before turning to look at the surviving group of houses, they move back by about 50 metres more as they must have seen the completely spotless leg of mine. Yea they don’t want me to be in their group even though I grew up with them, saved them and even defended them from the remaining 7 razor wolves that I killed with my magic.

One of them came over towards me and by the looks of it his scared as hell due to his legs trembling uncontrollably, he was a red colour horse which is extremely hard to find but when found it is said they have an extreme tough body and stamina capable to travel a 2 day trip within 1 day when untrained but when trained it could make that trip in less than 1 day. I remember a king from the west buying 1 for his son at a price of 100 Crystals (100,000 Gold = 1 Crystal) because of this event called the Red “Crystal Price Event”, the whole West country went out to find a red horse with such determination that they will kill their best friends if they don’t trust them. It was crazy but it died down after 5 years.

Standing about 20-30 metres away from me, he said that I was banished as my horn brings a curse to the herd and wish for me to leave when possible along with the whole herds’ good wishes and good fortune guiding my way.

Banished huh? So soon too.

I said my thanks before taking a drink and heading towards the forest before me, looking at the herd one last time I found out my mother was not among them which meant she was killed in the wolf attack. Looking at each one of them and nodding my head to say good bye, I turn to look at the forest before me before heading in with an uneasy feeling of nervousness in my heart that was beating as fast as a horse running into battle.

[In the forest. Day 1]

It has been a few hours inside the forest and I have found a cave under a tree and by looking at the sun I don’t have much time as it will turn into darkness if I wander a bit more longer, so I have to make sure no one or thing is inside the cave beforehand. I did a quick sweep of the area by looking around the cave then to the trees and plants to try and find anything that may indicate a living thing, I also tried to find a presence in the area but didn’t find anything. After that I walk towards the cave with 3 fireballs, on my right, left and above me. At the mouth of the cave I found that it hasn’t been in anyone possession for a while now as the markings of some animal have been hardened here and there as well as some “remains of food” that was left farther inside of the cave. A skeleton of a small human was found but I later found it to be a goblin so I didn’t pay attention to it and kept on walking towards the back of the cave, there I found some chained people but all of them were dead so I passed on by after praying for their poor souls.

It turned out that there was some food left over but it was poison once I checked it with magic just to be sure, it was a must if you wanted to be a magician and I am glad that I learned it, thank you teacher! I did a majestic bow to my teacher in my mind as I pictured him standing on the platform I first saw him during the presentation at our first year at Wizards and Witches Academy, it has been around 20 or so years ago, I feel old now.  Further in towards the end of the cave I found more Goblin skeletons along with broken bones here and there by the use of blunt weapons a long time ago to the point where not even flesh was on its bones while the chained people died not long ago so I steady myself and advanced further in finding a single goblin eating a small animal. I shot of a earth spear coming for the side of the goblin right to the head and saw its body stick to the side wall to my left, there I found a small injured girl with her right leg being eaten somewhat. I quickly walked to her and quickly check if she was still alive by placing my head on her chest, *dun dun* (heart beat) to hear the beat of her heart and used “Healing Light” on the wound and quickly ran off to get food that was eatable and ran back to look after her until she was feeling better before making camp.


Published by: Shuffling505

I like to read light novels and manga. I use to league of legends and main support. I play the D&D table top game and Monster Hunter 4 U and Generations. When i can i write my novels.

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5 thoughts on “I Was Reborn As A Horse! C4”

  1. right love your writing but you have to read over it there were a couple of obvious grammar mistakes here and there. I found the story very interested and hope you continue. but once again don’t forget to show love to your other stories


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