I Was Reborn As A Horse! C3

I was reborn as a horse!

Chapter 3: A fight and a fright, and a little something called might!



The wolf died after seeing a flaming ball for the first time as it jumped towards me, everyone both wolf and not stood there in utter silence as the fire burned on the dead corpse of a Razor wolf. Standing before it, I look at the others with full determination to not die for a second time and perhaps my last if I get killed to quickly as I want to find that book once more if possible but I have a whole life time to do it and as the world is huge I may not even find it if I tried so this is the only life I will ever have, a second chance and the only chance if you will. There are four continents in the world we know of so far but there is a fifth over to the far east that we have just encountered one year ago before I died, we don’t understand each other but with time we will know how to speak their language and the name of their country but until then we call it the “Fifth Island” and many merchants flocked to the east in hopes of making a fortune on a massive scale, of course they hired guards and we even send some military guards to test them in a friendly show of strength but we haven’t heard of anything yet as the sea can be unforgiving when a storm hits the ships.

I came from a country called Kira Don located the closest to the east so we had a head start against the other three which I am grateful to the Goddess of fate, Mira. Kira Don is a country with a strong connection with beast men, demi-human and spirits form the moment we stepped on the world dated an unknown amount of time but the spirits would know how long and they said we came to the continent 10,000 years ago. The reason for us to have such a good relationship with them was because we are respectful towards them as they helped us survive on the new land we landed on, feeding us, showing us how to survive and soon we became extremely grateful towards them and even asked them their hand in marriage, I have spirit blood in me but I look human to others as I got it from my furthers side but the massive amount of magic came from my mother who was a wind spirit. The country was named after two people, Kira was the spirit who helped us and Don was the king who led us to the new land that we now call Kira Don, it was an odd name but we didn’t mind as we respected everyone who lived on the land before us. We also have a day where we celebrate the time we first came to this land where we do rituals for the spirits, beat men, elves and so on as well as party for the whole day, I missed those times but right now I here’ve got to kill all of the Razor Wolves before I can relax and finally take a nap!

The Razor Wolves started to target me out of the rest of the group of the remaining survivors and there were a total of seven of them left, as a group they rushed at me with all their strength. 3 ran from the middle while on the left and right 2 of them; ran together (2 left and right while 3 in the middle) and I had to quickly think of which side I had to take out first. Right now the wolves where 100 metres (109.361 yards or 328.084 Foot) away from me so I will aim at the one in the farm back/ last one and then work from there towards the closest one to me so they would think they still had a chance against me who was a little frail baby who for some reason can kill them with magic, then again they wouldn’t know what magic was now huh?

Let’s make it a little interesting, shall we?

Another fireball was send towards the wolf in the back but this time it doge’s it by leaping towards it’s left, burning its tail in the process and leaving a black patch of fur; looking at its’ tail for a second or two it faces towards me with ‘You’ll die for that!’ sort of feeling. Little did it know that I made that fireball slow and when it faced me there was a ball of fire right in its’ face waiting to kill it.


The fireball swallowed the wolf with smoke rising from where it was, leaving a scorched black spot! Now to change it up a bit! This time I’ll be using earth magic on the next target. The earth looked like it was all normal when suddenly a spear made out of solid rock came out and entered the wolfs’ chest and hart, poking from the other side making it clear that it was dead for good. And I did the same thing towards the next target with a quicker cast which resulted in a more brittle rock but it still did the job!

*speck x2*

3 down and 4 to go, this time I would like it to finish quickly so I summoned air and water to help me out with the speed of which the water/ice spears would fly at as the wind has been known to move arrows in the same direction as it blows. I didn’t care if a water lance or ice spear would come out but the wolves are now 15 metres away from me. I fired off as soon as both spells were finished, as the water lances and ice spears flew through the air, I was suddenly hit by a sharp pain coming from my back right leg; it was the wolf that was hit by the first fire ball.

The wolf was in a state of rage as I felt it through its eyes that has red vain lines all over, I quickly looked back to see if the 4 wolves where dead, 1 remained alive as it heavily breaths for air with an ice spear imbedded at its side. It will die soon. With another sharp pain coming from my leg I turn to make sure I kicked it in the face with my deadly hoof luckily it was looking at my face than the hoof so I got it in the eye and with that time I shot it with a wind blade, after I made sure it was dead by using Wind Blade, I turned to kill off the one on the floor before healing myself with Cure Wounds.

A bright light was slowly peeking over the grass pains by the time I felt like resting and walked over with a heavy head towards a tree that stood alone in this open plain, it had golden leaves and a solid thick trunk that gave off a mighty strong presence if it were a human. I trusted my body to the tree and slept in a ball for most of the day. The others also came to rest under the tree but I had my eyes closed so I only heard them walking towards me in a group, finally I can rest and happy as well as frightened as I nearly died at such a young age in my second life. become stronger in order to see another sun rise.




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