I Was Reborn As A Horse! C2

I was Reborn as a Horse!

Chapter 2: RUN, RUN and Kill!


It was been hard adjusting to this new life of mine as a horse but every now and then I remembered my human life being so much easier and normal than eating grass, plants and milk. I train my magic once more in the hopes of making a new type of magic that has never been made before and the chance to increase my manna pool so that I could also last longer in a fight and survive in the wild against wild life and monsters, as well as playing around with my new found friends. On the 30th day in my second life I started to understand what the horses were saying only a little as most of the talking was done through body language that I have never bothered learning, how I regret doing so but it is in the past and I couldn’t do anything about it now as I started or attempted to talk through body language by moving my head, hove and that’s about it I guess?

Right now we are gathered near lake that is about 200 metres from a waterfall, the lake was not too deep for me as it came to my knees in the water so many of the young are playing in the water while I watched from away laying down next to my mother who urged me to play with them too by prodding me with her head. Feeling or understanding what she wanted me to do, I got up unsteadily and walked towards the lake that the others are at and the game was tag by the looks of it and there was a light brown horse, a black horse, a black and white horse that has a cow like paten and me a white coloured horse.

I timidly walked and asked if I could play but I was not sure if they understood me but I was able to join in when I was tagged in and now the game was on and I didn’t use wind magic to cheat at all as I needed all the exercise I could get in order to outrun any situation if I used too much manna. We played and played what seemed like an hour and we took a break laying down near the lake and I took in the scenery of the natural wild life, birds of every colour you could think of flew in the air, the cliff was full of them as countless birds flew in and out of their nests and some of them landed on us to eat the annoying parasites that chose to feed off us but I use an extremely hard to see electric shock to kill them and then heal the wound with magic as well as getting rid of any poisons just in case. The birds were of every size from an apple to a small new born human baby and they all did different things for us and we give them back something in return as well, for example if we wanted a fruit from a tree they would poke it down for us but in return they want to eat the grubs that are in the earth so we dig them out for them with our hoof, and the ones that wanted them were a brown chested bird with green wings that are tinted blue and it was the size of an apple, it also made a cute little *pep pep* through its oval beak that made me go “Auu” (Auu for cute things).

The ones that everyone here respect was another apple size bird that was orange with feathers that go upwards (Spreading its wings) from it head which in our case is a signal for us saying “Anyone need a clean-up?” but to the bird it means “I am hungry”, we need regular cleaning as we get pesky things drinking our blood and injecting poisonous things if left uneaten by the Cleaner Birds that I just named. The funniest thing I like to look at is when the cleaner birds not only put up it funny feathers but it also dances which is funny, it moves its head in a ‘U’ formation and shacks its butt left and right, in short if he moves his head to the left then its butt moves to the right and the same for the other side while doing a whistle through its small pointy beak.  It is always good to look at the funny Cleaner Birds and the progress with my understanding of horse language, if it is even a language at all, has went smoothly so the point that I know a bit more then I had understood before.

Knight has fallen before I knew it and it was time to sleep, on the ground as I haven’t gotten use to the whole standing up thing yet! As I lay on the grass field next to my mother I started to doze off when I heard a few movement of bushes and a stick being snapped in half and I turned to look at it as I got up, there stood a handful of wolves with blood shot eyes and razor sharp claws with grey fur, if I knowledge serves me right they are called Razor wolves as their claws have, for some reason, metal at the tip of their claws and on the tip of their fur which is also razor sharp to other animals but their own kind.

The others also stood up and began to run as fast as they could, including me as I used wind magic to boast my speed to avoid a swipe to my back leg and kicked it in its face, the head it unprotected and ran while giving the young a speed boast as well to make sure they don’t die as well. Out running the razor wolves w not going to last long as we found another group of razor wolves and then another, some of us ended up dying as they jumped out of bushes for a surprise attack but we kept on running. Soon the sun started to peep over the horizon as we approached our limit and slowed down to the point of having wobbly legs, the place we are know is an open field with a handful of hungry annoying, smart believe it or not, Razor wolves! One of them jumped at me and I, by instinct alone, shot out a fire ball and killed it in one shot.

No more little nice guy!



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