Im sick!

I have been trying to write but i have writers block! So don’t expect anything soon also I have chosen to write a separate version of Dead Days and this time it will be hardcore ( fully realistic ) so i will call it Dead Days H and the H stands for hardcore so there will be some romance, lots of killing, real life choses in the story, maybe be some gang of bandits here and there. Anyways i 100% looked up writers cure and am trying to go with it ( yeah….. Magazines) untill you see a new post please keep yourselves busy with the hobbies, daily routine of your life and other things that you do. Cya!


Published by: Shuffling505

I like to read light novels and manga. I use to league of legends and main support. I play the D&D table top game and Monster Hunter 4 U and Generations. When i can i write my novels.

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8 thoughts on “Im sick!”

    1. not anymore as i was able to write 5 chapters of a new story that i made up so when i finish the last bit of Chapter 5 i will post it. also my last year of school has been tough so i only managed this much, i am also joining a group of DnD (Dungeons n Dragons) to see if i can get new ideas.


              1. don’t worry about it plus I know what your talking about and i feel the same way at times you just have to write it as close as possible and be content with it adding details help but not too much details


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