The Supreme, Despicable Evil Dungeon Master! C1

Chapter 1: Sealed For Good But Not For The Supreme Evil!

This writing is charters voice deepening to a type of sneer.


How many times has it been now?

I ask this to myself as I looked into the “Orb of Sight” from within my “Throne Room” with all my trophies decorating the room and giving it a nice “You Shall Die” vibe. I took a glance at the head of a Unicorn that was just above the fireplace, it had a look of disappear with its eyes looking up. It looked better with a face like that but I hated its GOODY-GOODY vibe and atmosphere along with its pink fluffy, puffy body. It was simply …. Well I couldn’t even look at it, it was simply too KIND, FRIENDLY AND G-GOOD…..

I shivered just thinking about how good it was. I tried to forget about it by looking into the Orb and telling my Orcs, in a flat but deadly and intimidating tone, to move the bodies of the Adventures into the cleaning pit that was full of hungry zombies. Once I did that I slouched back into the chair that was made out of the skin of the people I had to kill in person, it was satisfying feeling the skin of your enemies once they were killed by you personally.

I took a glance at the Orb, looking at the little Snots who worked in the gold mine, tavern and carrying the tools needed to repair my traps! It was great to see everything going the way I wanted.

Remembering my kill list, I got up and headed to the back wall of the Throne Room to re-fresh my mind of who I need to kill. The King of Hortis (H-ou-Tis) also known as the Fat King of Good,  Carl, his at the age of 47 with a Daughter named Rose who is a beauty that will make my pathetic minions stop to catch a better look at her before I slap them in the face to wake them up. Rose is at a tender age of 17, the age to marry someone is 15 which is also the age of Adult-hood. I got this information by cooking a human on a spit, I didn’t skewer him, and I only tied his hands and feet with thorny wines, nothing too harsh.

( Not good with naming a kingdom/ place am I? >.>”)

Anyways the King of Hortis, oh yea his name was… err? What was it now? Carl that’s the one yea! Ahem, his marrying off his Daughter Rose to a Prince named Harry and I can’t have that happen, no, no and a dead NO! if they were to marry then I, along with my minions who can’t anything right, won’t be able to have peace! By peace I mean war, and on fair terms at that.

The stinky alliance of goody too shoes will be forged once Rose is married to that Prince Harry guy, and I’ll have to face more stinking h-heroes…. Now not only do I have to fight 3 Heroes from Hortis, I’ll have another bunch of heroes to fight as well! And this time from the Kingdom of Hivea! The bad part is that Hivea has 5 Heroes, 5!

I looked to the portrait of the Prince and threw a war axe hitting hit in the middle of his hideous blue eyes, he has blue hair and a good looking face. For some reason whenever I look at the Prince I feel disgusted to point that I can look at a Unicorn and think it’s not good, it’s like comparing a Demon frog with a human and the human is the Prince while the Demon Frog is the Unicorn.



Grumbling to myself I took out the war axe from the Princes head I turn to look at Rose, she on the other hand does not make me feel sick but a different type of sick of which I don’t know. Roses’ red hair was like fire burning the flesh of a human being who is scream at the top of his lungs, his heavy red blood burning not at a fast pace but slowly giving it a more terrifying existence that should never be taken head on, even for the worlds heroes. That flaming red hair couldn’t be compared to Demons fire which is said to be un-killable unless you have Holy water or something that has been blessed by a Priest, scary stuff!

Her skin was like a 10 Million year old torched soul that has lost its mind thousands of years ago, simply so pure that it makes the cursed magical black metal look like child’s play. Her breasts were at a stage comparable to well-trained Succubi, dangerous indeed! Her red eyes look like they have sucked you in to point where even the pit to hell would seem short! Her face, her face looked like the headless rider personally picked the most peerless head from his collection and gave it to her on a blood spiked platter along with the head of her most hated existence. Simply, wonderful.

Before I noticed I had been looking at Roses’ portrait for a few minutes and while I was doing so, one of my minions (Orc Warrior) entered my throne room with a report that was, difficult to digest.

The report from the Orc Warrior was on the marriage of devilish Rose and the pretty boy Prince Harry was planned to happen within 20 days, that means I need to prepare to ambush, skin then burn the Prince named Harry….. before I knew it I was snickering and grinning as I thought of the plan that would slap the Kings plan for an alliance not only that I might be able to capture Rose during the wedding and keep her Flaming Red Hair that would make even the volcanoes of hell feel shame, all to myself.

I immediately called for my Generals with the snap of my fingers and one of them was a bit busy having fun teaching a young human boy about a woman’s body. She came a little late but I didn’t mind as she earned it herself, with all my generals gathered around my table with the map of the useless King of Hortis, I began telling them my plan.

The plan would take time to prepare so I wanted it completed as soon as possible so that the Princes scouts wouldn’t be able to spot the traps being built. The Prince would have to go through a place called “Wall Street” even I didn’t think it was a suitable name for a huge village, anyways the traps and the planned ambush will happen before he reaches the village to ensure that he wouldn’t get any more annoying guards to protect him. There will be some spider riders in the trees to give them an advantage when raining down poison arrows, goblin assassins hiding behind logs and bushes along with some Orcs, finally some pit fall traps covered with the natural road dirt that has been held up by the spiders thread to ensure that it won’t stand out.

I told my general the plan but some wanted to put a bit more detail as there might be Heroes guarding him.

“That is why I brought you all here. This plan is a basic layout; the rest of the plan will be made by you all as you will also be in the plan. I just wanted so see what you think about it so far.”

General Orcogb was nodding his head slightly to indicate that he agrees to the basic layout for the moment, he stands at 2.5metres tall with red skin and black armour covering his entire body. His helmet doesn’t cover his face as he likes to eat his slain targets after a good battle, he carries a large one handed sword but when his serious he takes out the two handed war axe from his back. His figure gives off an intimidating atmosphere just by looking at him.

General Nissrea was thinking about the plan while swaying her snake tail slowly, she must be thinking about her Naga Healers placement. She’s a Naga Queen with silver hair, pale blue scales and a bewitching human torso along with delegate, soft human skin. I still don’t know how Naga’s turn out like that, even now I still don’t know. Her Naga’s take care of the injured minions who came back from a mission, healing them and putting their bodies back together is they died. They are also responsible for the manna that they gather from manna shards or crystals so that I could throw some spells at the annoying intruders or at my own minions when they don’t work hard enough. It keeps them motivated.

I looked towards General Draven who is a human bandit that enjoys gold and women more than his own men. He has a rough looking face with a scar on his right cheek, he says it was from one of his own men a long time ago but I think it was a beast as the cut was large and thick, it ends near his ear where a bit of his black hair was clipped. He wears armour gained or taken from the people he killed during raids or ambushes, he says he like to wear what kills and I like that as I take what I want, when I want. Right now however his wearing the some armour that had been forged from the Forge owned by trolls, of course it’s the melted armour from the people he had slain and now his armour is the colour of bronze with some blue in it from mithril. He killed a dwarf that was traveling with some peddlers and was wearing mithril armour that was troubling as all attacks towards him just bounced off, luckily an arrow with poison landed at a gap of his armour and killed him but he said it was pure luck that it hit were it hit, nothing more, and nothing less.


(No Name ATM) [    ] was sitting down on a chair at the table, rubbing her abdomen with a pleased look on her face with her eyes closed. The scent she is giving off was the smell of her “meal”; she is from the Succubi race after all which counts as a demon. Her raven dark hair that looked like the shadows of death bring out her deadly body lines, her face is like a sleeping death dragon, wonderful and beautiful but deadly when provoked. Her eyes were purple like the glow of a lighting piercing a unlucky victim while her black, bat like wings give off a vampire of death atmosphere; her tail was like a spear of darkness, quick and silent. Her chest is the right size for her body; not slowing her down and being a annoyance during combat. Deadly, indeed and she is in charge of information gathering due to her seductive powers.

Adjusting my right shoulder with my left hand, I look towards the pathetic-Prince “Harry”. Soon I’ll have his head above my chair, no I got a better idea I’ll have his head in the middle of my table or desk? I’ll soon see where his disgusting head looks perfect in my throne room, I quickly turn to look at the Generals.

“All right have you all come up with a plan for your selves?  [   ] you can go into the village to gather information with your seductive powers while the other plan for the attack on the Princes’ convoy. This is my plan for now, the rest of you! Work together to kill him! Got it? Also cut the head cleanly, I want it to be displayed in this magnificent room.”

[   ] looked around the room for a moment before agreeing to my command to gather information from the village and to my supreme throne room’s decoration with a nod. I left the planning to my generals as they need to work together and went to my personal room (which was down the hallway at the back of the throne room) to prepare for the day to come. I also went to bed as I needed my deadly, demonic sleep. Even Evil needs their sleep you know.


Time fly’s when you are planning to kill people and taking down a kingdom, it’s just to fun planning. Now hiding at the targeted points / areas, we waited for the “Prince Harry” to arrive before us on a plate with his dead followers on a blood covered platter. Just thinking about it is making me shake with energy of killing intent and deaths; it made a few of my minions take a few steps back away from me as I was covered with an aura that was intimidating.

We waited for a little longer and finally a spec in the distance was spotted and it slowly grew to show us that there was indeed a convoy of humans with a fancy carriage in the center, of course the fancier it is the more likely it belongs to a wealthy person such as royalty or a noble. As the convoy got closer to us we went to the positions giving beforehand to effectively kill the convoy members and guards.

10 minutes later


*horn blown*

We attacked the convoy and the look on their faces was simply wonderful, scared, surprised and so on. Their faces were cute to look at and I meant cute in the deadly way of course. Arrows fired from the spider riders flew into the air a hit the guards killing a handful of them, spears were thrown from Ogres on the other side of the road also killed a handful of guards. The Goblins were killed by guards but they were just used as fodder for the others and to also tire them out. Orcs went in after the Goblins while the healing team (Naga) heal up the injured monsters that managed to survive.  Soon all of them were killed and now for those “heroes” to die by my hand but I didn’t see any so call “heroes” in fact there was not a single hero to be found. When I looked around all the guard where killed and the carriage was not touched, I quickly ordered for it to be opened.

Inside the carriage there was a straw dummy with a sigh that says: FOOL YOU! BUT DON’T WORRY I’LL BE SURE TO MARRY ROSE ON BEHAVE OF YOU. BE SURE TO SAY HELLO TO MY CHILD! HA HA HA.

[That son of a   !!!]

I quickly killed the nearest monster to me with a swift cut, its head flew into the air splendidly and hit the ground with a nice *bonk* sound.



Meanwhile at the wedding of Prince Harry and Princess Rose.

The Church of the 10 Gods and 13 Spirits, a grand wedding is being held with a total of 500 guards protecting the wedding along with the heroes from both kingdoms. Overlooking the mass amount of guards, nobles and other influenced people have also gathered for the wedding.

Inside the “wonderfully colored Church (Yuk! Put some blood and guts will ya?) the High Priest of the Church was personally doing the weeding for the Kingdoms Marriage.

High Priest  John [We are gathered here today, to celebrate the marriage of Prince Harry and Princess Rose. In the presence of our Gods and the Sacred Sprites of legends, we ….]

Prince Harry [Can you skip to the end? I am in a bit of a hurry here.]

[Well if you say so but it won’t be fully complete you see and…]

[Just skip it towards the end!]


[All right Prince Harry I shall skip towards the end, but the Gods and Sprites will not see you both as a fully complete couple.]

Prince Harry didn’t like what the High Priest had just said and frowned his brows daringly at him, he looked towards his farther the King for advice in this situation. Wearing a crown on his head made out of gold and diamonds, his matching purple robe with all sorts of wealthy ornaments.

[Son, let the High Priest do his job or else you and Rose will not be acknowledge by the Gods and Sprites. Let him do his job all right my son? This will not take long all right?]

Taking a long and deep breath, Prince Harry nodded and faced the High Priest.  Seeing this the High Priest continued the ceremony. To detract himself from the BORING SPEECH from “The Holy Sacred Book of God and Spirits” that he was reading from, he looked at Princess Rose in her define red and white dress. The dress was white while the cover (including the cape thing. I’m a guy so I don’t know what it is….) to her face was red, making it even harder to see her face. The dress was slim so you could see some of her body lines, deadly, was the word that Prince Harry thought when he first saw her in the dress walking down towards the alter where he stood at the beginning. A bit of her red hair flowed down to her shoulders in front, she was also holding the batch of flowers in her hand for when she would through it behind her to see who was going to get married next.

::::::::::Rose’s perspective::::::::::::::::

Why is Harry staring at me?

In the corner of my eye I could see him staring at me the whole time, it has long ago made me uncomfortable. I have been taking in long, quiet breaths to try and calm myself.


Meanwhile at the Gates to the Kingdoms Church


[What is that guy?]

[I don’t know but he does match this wanted poster that has a $100,000 Gold bounty on him]

As one of the guards looked at the wanted poster that has a figure of pure DEATH and DESTRUCTION, a war axe the size of a fully grown man came flying and cut the guard in half, right through the middle.


Still working on the invading and stopping the wedding part so wait for the update!

I am also working on a story called “Un-Talk-able Warrior” and another one calledI’m a Devil in the Human world!”. I have been working on Warrior for a while but i can’t seem to find a good story line for it, Demon on the other hand i have just started. Exams are in 5 Days time so i will be busy for those 2 weeks of Exams >.<‘ then the holidays! Cheers! And Have a Good Day/Night! From Australia! 😛


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