Hello there, I’ve been having a hard time writing some chapters due to Exams…. so I’ll be busy for a few weeks then I’ll have some weeks off school \^.^/

Anyways i have been writing a new story for a while and am having a hard time thinking of what to write for Dead Days and Black Smith God. The new story I am writing is Called

“The Supreme, Despicable Evil Dungeon Master!” it is about a Evil Dungeon Master who is in love with a Goody-Goody Princess name Rose, this has a twisted and dark humor/comedy and the Evil Dungeon Master will have a hard time juggling the Dungeon and Love.

So far I have been finding it hard to stop typing XD anyways i have not thought of what will happen in Chapter 2 yet 😮 that and the names of some Characters and Kingdom >.<

For now i’m going to work hard until the holidays, until then enjoy the recommendations/ your bookmarked Novels and stuff. Bye!


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