Knights and Magic 29

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# 29 order made stationery, before

In the workshop of Raihiara Cavalry Misaoshi Department,Rope-type crystal muscle(Strand Crystal Tissue) Of outbursts there was an accident one month ago.
Brought together and the unremitting efforts of students of design in charge, the power of the development team were full, 1 aircraft of MaboroshiAkira knight(Silhouette Night) but there was not a set.  Than maintenance field, aircraft Yuku is been carried away, on a trolley. Its appearance is kind strange for a MaboroshiAkira knight.  Most of the points of the whole body is referred to as the “primary armour”, which is made for ​​only a minimum amount of armour for the internal protection, depending on the location of the Crystal muscle(Crystal Tissue) but there is also a place that is exposed.
A major part of the chest and the limbsExterior(Outer skin)But the figure has been attached, it was something reminiscent of the words to say unfinished to what you see. “Whew, finally …… what was Kogitsuke up to here?” while blurring the fatigue, not hidden in his voice, the master grumbled. With bags under his eyes (shadows) from the fatigue, the master pats himself on the shoulders to remove the tied feeling in his arms. There was a wonder why he was not in a state of exhaustion, this month was just shambles. The design team has finished writing a variety of structures, the tied production team had to create it actually. To reach the final structure, while further over the number of times of failures and accidents, is of a place to say that became to final form.

Performance tests have been run a number of times on the MaboroshiAkira knight not a few problems have been found by the students, already there with a capacity have only been active in the forefront, it has been extremely difficult to make the aircraft.  Although no one died, that it was a harsh battle to make the strange knight in many ways, but they still were able to proceed without lowering the morale up to here, still they are in with the new technology is the form as an engineer none other than the since had felt the joy of supreme to be.  As evidence, in their eyes it had lodged a strong light enough to not fully fill in fatigue.  Like Yuku has brought a “prototype” to the training ground of MaboroshiAkira knight, such as the amphitheatre.  Open the armour of the chest of the prototype that has been put on the truck in the posture that was sleeping on his back, to the cockpit
Kimisaoshi(Night runner)Yuku contains.
Prototype is placed in the centre of the training area, in front of every one of the maintenance team to watch it from the location that corresponds to the part of the spectators’ seats Amphitheatre, alongside a huge shield that is too much to hide the whole body of the people It had. —————————
After several times of the accident, it is they also learned.  Although the operation test of each part came piled many times, operation test of assembled the whole body this time is for the first time. Their vigilance was also of course. And prototype is not with the exteriors for that.  First, it’s trying to move in a state of excluding the exterior bulky weight basis among the parts MaboroshiAkira knight. “Paper Heruvi, are you ready or!? ………… King, Ikuze, First Stand up!”  with the loudspeaker in one hand lifted up the master’s voice, and the prototype it to the signal begins to cause himself.  Every one of the development team while to peek from behind the shield, had seen devour as its operation.  The muscle was filling the power to expand can be seen even from a distance. While increasing the sound, such as squeaky, prototype stood up.  Its movement is somewhat awkward compared to conventional aircraft, and was what was very slow. “… !! I stood”  voice leaks, such as killed push from someone.  stand up. Only and effort that has been invested for this, and the hardships that have been overcome, I think the sacrifice that has been paid, the voice was slightly trembling.  By taken withstand the operation of a fully need the muscle strength of the legs, this time of the structure he minimum to the output of the rope-type crystal muscle, that there was a durability as possible to withstand been proven. “It’s still, !! it!’ll Not embark on the crisis …… there! Do not only careless  paper calm he is …… Heruvi, as it is First walking me.  Slowly, but slowly!”  The neck of the prototype represents a note, it moved slowly up and down.  Make the often of the reservoir from there, start walking soon as wavering.  To say that in the training grounds of extension of the stone pavement, his steps were cautious Kiwamarinaka’ as if walking on if it were now to be rickety suspension bridge.  Movement as if to confirm the gait is awkward, the speed at which the walk’s as of ox walk.  MaboroshiAkira over a period of incredible as Knight, prototype while sounded the muscle of the driving sound like creaking and heavy footsteps to half the training field.  Is not awkwardness of movement is taken, but the speed at which the walk finally had risen up to those of its own way. “Do not also fixed blow, become somehow I Do If this”  but can not careless for not wearing the exterior, there is no at least right now rickety appearance.  When the prototype will come as it is walked to the front of the place where students of the maintenance team is present, this also was on one knee in the slow movement.  Take the attitude to keep stopping the MaboroshiAkira knight called tarmac attitude, is all students of finally maintenance team where the movement is completely stopped with a deep breath.  Then, they raise the voice in the momentum of just does Dakiawa each other. Walk test is successful, was the moment of trial and error has been paid off so far.  It appeared Cavalry Misao mechanic from in open chest armor, standing on top of the open armor. “Oh,’m what mon, Heruvi”  to the question of the master that was bleeding a joyful look to the success of the test, but women sitting Misaoshi was called Heruvi returned the bitter expression. “Literally Restive horse(…..)Ne. Too allowing the opponent to take good points, taking space in compensation force, only splashing around by going in “walk
” so do? ”
” Yes, compared to the airframe of until now usability is completely different in.
This only when the sense of change, I will try again honest all training I? ”
” it’s great achievement began to walk that person Ana …, is not likely to around still hand until the flight control system.
adjustment of the neighborhood do not postpone it.
… Well, § bounced Maware say not, but’ll proceed with the remaining items if the I all right “to walk  is Heruvi nod, Yuku back again to the cockpit.  Every one of the maintenance team that was holding a shield also moved to the next action by the safety has been confirmed.  Students aircraft have not been tampered with is bringing a large target to the training field, it slides into the installation.  While himself down to the cobbled training field, master had to skip the instructions into the surrounding students. “Alright,

Mashirubehei instrumentation(Silhouette Arms)Bring. I for training!
Target’s installed in Hajikko!  At the same it is, someone

Silver shaved(Ernesti)Come the call!
Now is more of a workshopMaboroshiAkira armor(Silhouette gear)Of you should have been doing test ” ” …… What this, ”  according to master of instruction, one of the students had returned to the studio.  Since the majority of students are Dehara’ for the walk test of prototype, most people do not have in this place now.  To only those that intended to cover the deal, awfully vast space had been silenced eerily if you the usual manner.  And students should have come to call the Ernesti is in sight came into view immediately after entering into the studio, did not stay in without leaking involuntarily words. “(I wonder if tired …… Do not because it was recent lack of sleep, I)”  if he plainly represent the remains looked so, knight wearing a whole body armor two people, are dancing the dance arm in arm .  And even more than action, the knights of the whole body armor had a strange Futei.  First, the height is much higher than the general adult male, reaching approximately 2.5m. It was actually still hugely show than the figure contrast material in the vicinity is a petite El.  Then strange point, is a distortion of the balance of the body.  Head and torso in spite of the same size and a relatively normal human beings, is strangely long limbs. If further add arm is present 4.  Inside a small – say even of normal human size – there is the arm, the arm is attached to the massive arm of the outer Handle(…)It is running hold the.  So, are you in there

MaboroshiAkira armor(Silhouette gear)- It should be called small MaboroshiAkira knight, is a machine armor of Madou gimmick.
The crystal of the new technology is dancing to light, while lightly feel the headache on the meaning of the unknown verge of sight, the student is multiplied by the voice to Ernesti you are in the front. “Hey you guys, I do not you were doing operation test. Why I’m dancing,” “Oh senior, is cheers for good work. I will not complete the course, operation test.  Now there is a degree of freedom of much dancing the” dance or “is in the test,” “…… Oh the General Assembly. Well test is successful ish Do,” “success, I though of you success,”  while they are talking, approaching MaboroshiAkira armor of two aircraft that left the dance come.  2 aircraft as it is stop and take a position such as kneeling on the spot.  Upper body armor of MaboroshiAkira armor along with the blowing sound of sharp compressed air jumps. Armor around the waist from the belly to expand it face down, the armor of the thighs is open wide to the left and right at the same time.  And on to the operator as it passes through the splashed armor it came down. “Ossidiana, ze move a good feeling, El” “Oh yeah, next’m! Will dance and El-kun”  Kid and Adi had been moving the MaboroshiAkira armor is in good spirits there is also the success of the test.”Adi, playing is useless is nothing but I …. Well, almost sounds like there is no problem to move if we” “Oh, move. Well it but little burden is moving, it is no problem if this much ” ” that’s right. I also …… “but I do not have two people of concern  where El was diverted from two line-of-sight, one more aircraft from behind them, MaboroshiAkira armor has been walked. “Tsu it, Whew. Quite taken !! Ssoi, do not you talking Innovation fun likely!  Huh …, I also let you kana mix”  is the riding is Edgar.  However, the movement is slow, and was awkward enough to not be compared to the time of the twins had been lightly dancing.  Swing up the leg with a small shout, advancing step forward greatly.It finally came up to where it iteration.  I like watching a bad puppet of the can like, but the person who is moving is desperate. “Whew, finally came was either …… until here.” “What is the cheers for good work Edgar senior.? Comfortable to use is” “would be seen” “It’s fun,” “……”  rather than irony, obtain a really jealous likely line of sight It has poured into Edgar and MaboroshiAkira armor he ride.  From a completely different point of view than the one Edgar has been struggling, the state is likely to not be helped by envy.  By the way, and say Why is not moving to El, he in for what most would move smoothly, it was because not to test.  Edgar had shook his head place your hand on the head so as to suppress something, shake off immediately. “I wonder, Ernesti. Although I was Do not think from the front,” “Yes” , “does not mean in any way bad this MaboroshiAkira armor …, this itself is I think it’s amazing stuff Do,” “Yes” “move Zura too !! ”  MaboroshiAkira armor of housing, was assembled immediately on the basis of the drawings created by the El.  Middle is about 1 week to complete even in view of the fact that the somewhat improved. It will was said face of the fabricated smiths our technical capabilities vivid.  But smooth is given up there, run into serious problems as soon as I move emergency.  MaboroshiAkira armor is was not a easy thing to move as I had originally anticipated.  It’s a senior magic of solely high degree of difficulty
Body strengthening(Physical boost)Was used as a base, yet due to having to use that arrangement version.
A large load of the required magic ability, the current method of maneuver he is for the general student was something load is too heavy.  The test pilot there in addition to El and the relationship of the twins, although Edgar and Dietrich, which has also been found situation was checked out, needed a time of 3 weeks only move first with two people.  It is it to open the “intensive course for MaboroshiAkira armor maneuvering” the middle by El because not making any progress.  Although it it the Kid and two of Adi casting skeptical gazes at showed move freely about dancing in the training of about one week, contrary to it two people only was confirmed to be on the side of the same lumping and El was.  In a typical Cavalry Misao mechanic, it is a failure honestly …… not be mom even be moved without a problem to say that such is not familiar with the difference between the way of moving.  By the way, Dietrich has growled further behind than the current Edgar now. “Such as frankly control is too complex necessary to guy. Body strengthening in the near magic surgery type, usually should not be used Oisoreto.  But very not a not a thing that can be used for flight training of MaboroshiAkira knight” ” around that but it is that so …… guess I estimate was sweet. ” ” Well, it Toka cover in the effort! it, senior? ”  Edgar was vomited in turn El, Kid, a sigh small after watching the Adi. Do not say “reckless. Overnight in which Mai ‘s mon made ​​somehow. At all ….  For the time being funny something you guys had my enough to confirm.  Too late there does say pupil, at the very least it in ordinary human do not ask ” ” Nmumumu …… So unfortunately, this is will you “is that you can not use in the remains” this, that. MaboroshiAkira nail a smaller version of wonder? When was Madou computing machine of knight .  if there is an array, the burden of control should they “can reduce it is a place not” way. Although production costs will be raised, will not be instead of the belly to the back, ”  Edgar of dialogue is also the most. This remains the only just be ready defective machine can not be used only to El and twins.  Was poorly only to truly So the original purpose.”(I wonder and you also studied the mechanism of Madou computing machine. It actually does not need as much as processing capacity for MaboroshiAkira knight also because different size, to do the nails roughly that it is as it is of the size.  Are you able to Toka prepared small Madou computing machine Kana? master’s in counseling Do) “later  in laterally and El are contemplate a solution, had been listening to their story, the students came to call El is returned to us Hatato. “Oh, Hayata Ernesti. Had listened to with talk, gonna master is calling. Soon
Back armed(Back Weapon)Operation test seems to start “of
” that sounds I walk test was a success. Okay, will head immediately, ”  Edgar got off the MaboroshiAkira armor, Kid and Adi as opposed to boarding again.  El is a place where hopped pop to the Kid machine shoulder, turned around and suddenly remembered the presence of another person who is on the spot. “Oh, Dee senior ……”  The turn around was earlier, are the Dietrich who are at some distance struggling to maneuver MaboroshiAkira armor. “Huh, huh, well move does …… somehow, until the place where the Edgar …!”  Saw and everyone is trying to move, his …… and it took a giant step Dietrich turn the fired machine tragedy strikes. “Oh, that? What this, dangerous, dangerous’ll stop such aah!?”  Facing the direction that should not be facing together with the control the wrong seems upper body of Dietrich is suddenly to Gori’, and heavy sound to say.  And El had been facing more of he witnessed the decisive moment. “Dee senior …? Wow, this might is bad, the senior …… to the medical office”  El moment you touch the dirty word, Dietrich is restarted with a vengeance.  Not only as it is Gyuru’, and the sound determine a brilliant turn in is likely momentum decided Bishitsu and pause, give out. “All this slightest even both !! falls short of it,”  but sweat flowing of him while taking a pause dexterity while wearing MaboroshiAkira armor amount is supposed to be terrible, really it is a physical either due to damage, or whether such mental thing.  Around the man, but had seen it while stunned, it is determined that it would be all right from the appearance of the person. “Well, okay so, so do not do it shin? Well unreasonable. We because I go to training field first” “Oh, found was”  Kid machine placed on the shoulder of the El and Adi machine lightly training I went started to run to the place. “In …, Dee? I’m taking forever that pose?” “My mother, not move from here …… not understand even why myself Did take this pause, to not change the pose! ” ” Do not swagger. also moves us. “


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