The Blacksmith God 6

The Black Smith God

Chapter 6: Defence of the Village part 1


Arrows? This looks like an attack on the village. And I just got to meet someone here, you got to be kidding me! I got teleported to this world then met the villagers and to top it off its getting attacked? That’s it I have been having an annoying time here so far, so whoever it is attack this place you better be ready for it!

As I was getting mad and annoyed because not one thing went my way, apart from my house project, I was ready for their blood when I spotted the hunters I met last night came to the blacksmith, Thomas, to ask for any weapon they could use for the defence of the village.

[Ah, this set of Knights armour came from the lad over there and it is indeed a powerful set, including this sword. He was trying to sell it to me and that reminds me I didn’t pay you yet. Here you go, oh also what’s your name? you haven’t told me yet.]

[Oh, of course. Ahem. My name is…]

Think, think! What name can I use for the time being? Can I use Hellion? Argh screw it! I’ll use Hellion.

[Hellion. Pleased to meet you.]

[Hellion is it? That’s an odd name you’ve got there but neither the less that is your name. Also here’s the 3Gold and 55 Silver you’ve asked for. And with that the deal has come to a close.]

As he handed me the coins for the Knight Armour set he went to the back and after a few moments, came back in light armour with a sword and a small shield in hand.

[Umm Thomas are you perhaps going to fight off the attackers with that on? If this village does fight off the attackers, it is more likely you are going to come back dead or missing an arm or a leg.]

As I quickly checked over the status of his armour it turned out to be, weak. It is even worse than his lowest set of armour. And as for the hunters’ armour sets they are more than 100 points more than Thomas’ set of armour. They are looking for a death wish if they go into battle like this.

[I know that lad. But I prefer light armour then heavy armour in my book. I use to be an archer in my younger days but I had an injury with my bow arm and now I can’t shoot like I used to. So that’s why I’m using this armour as I prefer speed over heavy armour.]

“I see” I said this when I thought about it and searched into my bag for a set for Thomas. As I was searching for the set the hunters asked if was possible to borrow some high quality weapons for the fight.

[Hey Thomas put this on!]

A gave Thomas a set of heavy armour that had the enchantment of [Light Weight] that made it feel light as a feather when worn. Thomas have thought it was going to be heavy was shocked when he felt it was light.

[Thanks lad. This is some armour you’ve got in that bag. Tell me is that a magic bag? You have more in there than it looks.]

[Yea it is magic bag. Not only that I have more sets here put these on. Also I’ll be joining in the fight with you guys, so after you guys put these sets on can I put my luggage in your house for the time being Thomas?]

As I took out 3 more sets of armour for the hunters I said this. With a, sure why not? But you have to pay up 5 Silver coins for that to happen’ sneaky guy. As I thought this the hunters were shocked to find, in their words, GOD LIKE abilities and status attached to their sets of armour.

[What!? These statuses and abilities are all crazy! [Shield Wall] crates a wall of ice to block all attacks for 20 seconds and has a cooldown time of 40 seconds!? ]

Some of them are even drooling when I looked over to the hunters hold the sets of armour like it was from God himself. After their commotion they put on the sets of armour including the weapon that came with the set, thanked me and together with them and the girls behind me, we went to fight the attackers.

On the way the hunters and Thomas had a ‘?’ above their heads as they asked me a question.

[Um Hellion. How are you going to fight the attackers? Are you a mage or something?]

[Not at all I am an assassin so don’t worry about me and I have tons of blades up my sleeve as you can see]

A moved the cloak with my left hand and showed the sets of throw-able knifes and daggers attached to my belt. With my right hand I showed the ‘well’ hidden blade. With a “wow” the hunters and Thomas all showed amazed faces as they saw how well hidden all my blades and daggers were. I smiled under my mask.

As we made it to the gate of the village that I just used to enter the guards were in a shield wall formation (where they hide behind their shields and brace themselves against the other army/forces) with the spear men at the front and swords men at the back with their shields raised to block the rain of arrows. There were also guards on the walls fighting off the attackers and more guards joining the fight are coming out of building here and there. Some travellers are also joining the fight.

There are a total of 50 or so guards in formation with 40 at the back. the ones at the back are trying the build a barricade while the others work on holding the line to buy time for the barricade to finish, the barricade was mostly wood from the nearby building the items were chairs, beds, tables and other things they found inside the nearby homes and shops. All in all it was bound to be destroyed by the attackers and avoided because the attackers are pouring from all sides of the village with ladders or rams that by pass the wall all together.

The rain of arrows has stopped by the time we got to the gate.

I asked if it was possible to join in the formation of the shield wall and I was placed in the left side along with everyone else as there were not enough people to form a shield wall to cover the whole street. The reason why is because it has to be 2-3 people deep in order to fully make sure that it was hard for the attackers to charge right though the formation, if it was a 1 person deep shield wall they can just run though like it was just a door.

The volunteers were placed on the left side so I was placed there as well, the formation was a total of 3 people deep and we made the 4th row. The people at the front had made shift shields and whatever they could find as a weapon and their very own cloths on their back as armour.

This is bound to become a slaughter for the people before me as they are just simple villagers, farmers, young men and women who all don’t know how to fight.

As we stood in our lines I told the girls to help out with the defence at other locations where the village needs it, in general: kill the attackers when you see them. After they left the gate started to move as a battle ram was hitting it for sure.





As they repeated this, the sound of the attackers who are ramming the door sounded louder and louder as the surrounding sounds of battle, death and cries started to be muffled by the ram hitting the gate……. Then the gate busted open with men behind their shields charging at us at full speed. Their swords and spears pointing at us, obediently some of the volunteers stood their ground while others fled as fast as they can. With the attackers charging and us holding our ground we smashed into each other, most of us fell down on the left side as all we had was cheap shields and nothing  like the guards had, my side was being mowed down and the young boy before was shaken to the core as he stood there looking in horror.

[Hey, stay behind me kid!]

I moved him behind me and took our my Halberd, when I took it out from my back the people behind me new that such a weapon couldn’t be hidden from under my cloak and gasp when they saw its Majestic shine from the sun as it hit one of the blades…. Then blood flew out covering the people behind me as I swang it through the attackers, one by one they fell and sometime I did I spin to hit 10 people at once.

[I really thought your shields and armour could save you from at least one of my attacks, clearly I was wrong.]

I mumbled this when I sliced one of them in half straight through the middle, when I did so most of the attackers moved towards the other side where the guards where but I didn’t let them get a chance. I used one of the attackers as a stepping stone and jumped right into the centre of the attacking army, as I was still in the air I activated one of my skills call [Enchant Item] and placed a fire onto my halberd and landed while spinning, cutting through a hand full of men.


I landed on the ground making a massive sound and a few cracks on the earth as I did so.


One of the people near me attacked with lighting but I simply raised my left arm and took it. After I did so the man who thought I was dead and said I was weak, how DEAD wrong he was. The smoke was cleared with a simple flick of my beloved halberd, then I started to attack in my made up fighting move that I modified from the famous hack n’ slash game, DYNASTY WORRIERS series. I copied the MOSU attack pattern of Miao, he attacked in a spinning style along with flicks and curls, ending the attack with a pole-vaulted into heavy oncoming attackers. I changed it a little with the [Enchant Item] skill but then again you can make it on fire in the game when you have MAX MOSU or when you are near death, I did not like spinning though as I get motion sickness if I do it too much. So what did I change? I took out the spinning, most of it, and made it a try of attack where I could swiftly move while spinning my halberd with making it as light as a feather with enchants and items.

Mowing down the army as if they were crass, I took the heads of many and kept on killing them as if it was normal.


[My ARM!!!]

*falling, screams and cutting*



*dies and falls over*

[Phew, that was a nice warm up]

I said this to myself as I cut of the head of the last man, I looked back to the guards and peasants as well as my newly made comrades. They were scared shitless as their faces were pale white and their legs shacking like newly born animals. Some of them even fainted on the floor with one of them trying to wake him/her up.

I over did it didn’t I?

I looked at the slain. The whole area was a blood bath, literally! The houses were painted red, the doors, windows, heck even the dog in the corner was red with blood! Or was it dead?

I wonder if the girls are doing better?


I’ll take back what I just said….

*face palm*


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