Dead Days 2 (UPDATED P1-3 Dead Version)

Dead Days

Chapter 2: A second chance at life.



What to do?

I was thinking as I watched the TV showing zombie survival tips and other shit that will or won’t help the surviving population of humanity. The zombies were monstrous, never sleep, only eats living flesh from humans, no fear, no fatigue and a crazy survival rate as the only way to kill them is to aim at the head. That is what a zombie is in short because right now I am watching the TV, flicking through it and thinking of what to do.


Another one died huh?

The scream of a man was heard right outside where the crash site was and then the sound of bones was heard along with gargling which is most likely his own blood. The poor guy, may he rest in peace.  I then went to re-barricade my door with the bookshelf just in case a survivor came inside with a flipping shotgun and shot me in the head, *boom* there goes my second chance at life.

“Thank you God for this second life.”

I said that as I stood in fount of the picture of Jesus on the computer, then I opened a new tab and searched for ‘Zombie survival tips’ on google and looked through the website one by one. There were all the same with only a bit differences of ‘how to’ and zombie types. For example, the bomber zombie from Left 4 Dead 2 and other crazy type of zombies, to list a few there were:

Zombie bomber from Halo.

Zombie Tank from Left 4 Dead 2, again.

A Zombie armoured with army gear or some every day cookery.

And a zombie with a flipping gun! From the movies.

Well that last one might happen as I am still myself in a way but what type of fucking dead zombie would carry a gun!?


A gun shot was heard, and I just had to say it didn’t I?

I went to the window and saw a guy running around shooting a pack of zombie but then was surprise attacked by a zombie that was inside a bush, got grabbed and had his neck bitten and pulled into the shrubbery. Well I might heed the warning on this crazy zombie website just in case I get attacked by a zombie plant, that’s right a plant! That is a flipping ZOMBIE!

That reminds me I was attacked too right? I think I should at least look at myself since I was eaten and all. I went to the bathroom to look at myself in the mirror and, well. A zombie. No matter how you look at it there was a zombie with a missing right cheek, red eyes with a bites from the right shoulder all the way down to the elbow and finally claw marks, bites and hanging flesh were all visible in the chest area. I looked at the legs and there were fine but when I turned around there was a bit of my brain poking out but not a single bit of it was bitten. I was glad for once and then I thought something off, were was the screaming, the panicking and the yelling for God? There I finally hit the nail. I had no emotions at all and I was like a doll without feelings at all.

So, I really am a zombie now. With no feelings but a brain and memories of when I was living.

I looked at the time and by the looks of it…. 10:30PM. A few hours went past me when I was dead? Or turning into a zombie. The latter felt more likely.

Now what to do? I’m a zombie that will, most likely, be shot on the spot if I was alone or in a hord of zombies heading towards humans. I’ll be killed for sure! After all this is a zombie vs human world for survival! And I can’t just walk down the street like it was a normal walk in the park!

I have to survive in this world if I like it or not!


I have to test out this new power, zombie power, that I have now to ensure that I won’t miss use it when I choose to disguise myself as a human in the future.

If I remember some games had zombie that can see, smell better than a dog, hear better than any living thing, scene if a living being is nearby and even have super strength and  night vision.

First to cheek how strong I am I will need to go to the gym, luckily there is one nearby, about 20 min walk from my apartment. Next I can test my night vision when I walk towards the gym so no worries about that. Then I need to check if I can smell, hear and see better then when I was alive, I can do this right now. As for the living detection, that is when I meet a living thing I can check it.

Now for the deadly stuff. Can I mutate?

Can I eat brains?

Do I have to hunt humans to live?

Can I call a hoard over when I moan loudly?

All of this will have to be answered!

“Now then, onwards towards the gym!”

I took the knives and sharpened them, placed them on my belt, put on a new shirt and a thick leather jacket before heading out into the zombie infested world.


On the street…. It was hell! It looked like a world straight out of a zombie movie just like [Zombie Land] or [World War Z] and it was bloody all over the street no matter where you looked, there was some places where there were no blood but still! I went on my phone and started up “Google Maps” and used GPS to track where I am and where I am going.

Going down the street trying to ignore the zombies I started thinking about what I should do in this new zombie world and zombie life. If the humans win, like they always do in movies, well some, what should I do when they find me? Will they let me live or just kill me on the spot like any other zombie?

If I live they would undoubtedly put me into one of their labs to run tests on me? For sure they would but if they shot me well…. I’ll be dead for good.

But what if they let me live, in society? I would have a job, earn money and save a billion scene I don’t need to eat and I would end up living until my body decays and, shit I can’t live forever! Well if I lived somewhere that is always cold then maybe I could live another 50 years? Maybe more?

Russia, Germany, Canada and maybe the South and North Pole are all cold places but it would be boring at the Polar Regions as no body lives there for more than the maxim time limit possible for a person to live there, 1 year was it? I don’t know I don’t listen to the science crap talk!


“Anyways back to the……. Holy shit! Is that a little girl!?”

There in the middle of the road is a girl with bite mark everywhere on her little tiny body, 10 or maybe younger, she was killed in a painful way no matter how you look at her and she is still hold onto the stuffed teddy bear by the paw of the toy. The mother/ female zombie was nowhere to be found near her and only blood marks such as hands, shoes and splashes where only near her standing body. Not even a male zombie was near her, probity of them chasing after the mother was high as well as nearby people too. Anyways she was a little girl with a summer skirt outfit with her head tilted as her neck was bitten deeply; she was still holding onto her brown teddy bear with tears/bloody tears drying on her face.

Looking at her I started feeling a great amount of sorrow, if I was HUMAN! But I am not so I only felt nothingness for her soul and family. Why must u feel like this? So zombies really don’t have any feelings at all? Great…

I then went to the end of the street and entered the apartment room from the top floor and from room to room I went to the ground floor.

I searched the whole room and of course I grabbed a few knives as they are better than my bare hands for sure. I ended up finding a few … manly comics in a box behind a pile of clothes, of course this is needed as I found out the person who had them also had the limited time only books 1-5! That lucky bastard! Good thing his dead or else I wouldn’t have been able to… “borrow” them for a while.

I left the apartment room and searched the other apartment rooms one after the other and what did I find behind door number 4? Well after looking under a bed I found a box and inside this box there was another box and inside this one were a hand gun and some packets of bullets! Lucky find if I say so myself but now I need to find a gun attachments, the reason? A silencer was needed as zombies are attracted to sound as am I. right now I can hear some heavy breathing coming from, not even joking, down the street and by the sounds of it, the person was a fit woman with a backpack and may even be a virgin?

No she might have a gun or some form of defence in order to make it all the way here! I am sorry my old friend but you will have to wait a bit longer in order to reach MAN HOOD!

I was clenching my fist tightly while holding back my dead like tears by scrunching my face in determination! To not approach her at all costs so as I watched her run through the zombies on the street I prayed for her safety and to make sure she doesn’t get attacked by a bush zombie like the other guy.


4Pm of my first day as zombie and I have been testing out my zombie powers for the last 6 hours and due to being a zombie I can confirm that I don’t need sleep and I don’t get tied in any way but …. My muscles hurt like hell is I don’t train them! So during my time in the gym and not looking at the females in tights, I was able to try commanding the zombies around me by giving them orders and to my commands the zombies….. Don’t follow my orders at all! I was kind of sad.

So I tried other methods and found out that they respond to me when a moan like a ZOMBIE! So after 2 hours of making a zombie language I was able to hoard them, make them follow me and even move to a location but I haven’t made them attack anyone yet, they should automatically attack when they feel life near them so I should just tell them to move to the location of humans and they will do the attacking. During my training I found out I could lift 90KG (198.416 Pounds) with ease but when I hit the 150KG (330.693 Pounds) it started to get harder for me but I could still lift it up.

I went back to the apartment to think things through.


“All right let’s do this!”

I made a plan to head all over the place to find other zombies just like me so we could stick together as right now we are humanities number one target since we are basically killing them all of until there’s no such thing as humans, sorry! I have packed the car I have always wanted with spare clothes for both genders, guns that I have found along with ammunition and finally melee weapons such as metal and wooden bats.


The boot closed with a nice sound as I finished packing, I then went ahead and dismantled all the other cars in the car shop into a pile next to the 4×4 I have packed. With the blue prints I made for the armoured 4×4 next to me on a table, I proceeded to light the fuse and started melding the car parts onto the 4×4 just as I planned on the blue print.

Hours passed by and I finally checked over the armoured car once again to make sure there was no bits sticking out that could put my life and the other lives of the new people or should I say zombies? Anyways it is to make sure we will survive but if there’s going to be a lot of them I might need to upgrade the 4×4 into something like a bus or something. I checked the time on my watch which read [5:35 PM]

“That was longer then I thought, time sure does fly by when you are working.”

I look back at my apparent building for the last time before stepping into the driver’s seat, turning the engine on and driving towards the first zombie contact area, AREA 0. It was called that as that was the first sight of the zombie outbreak in the world.


Driving the 4×4 in a zombie infected world was something I never thought of doing EVER! During the drive I had to move some cars or a few zombies out of the way so I could keep on moving along but right now I am in a bit of a sticky spot. Looking at the map of roads and such I found out there was a base full of metal sheets, barb wire, zombie meat traps and a sign that says “S.O.S. ALIVE” on one of the roofs that was at an angle. I on the other hand parked the 4×4 around a corner and got outside to take a better look of what’s inside the base from one of the buildings near the area.

After breaking a few doors and moving some objects or corpses I finally got to the roof and took a look at the human base. Inside there was some farm fields with young fruits growing, water tanks with what looks to be water filters covering the exit pipe to make sure it was drinkable; there was 5 buildings in the base, a school, make shift houses, a church, farm house and finally  a security building with some guns just outside. There were a few people inside and one of them is standing in front of a grave, most likely someone they know has been killed by a zombie or by someone else.

Well these things happen in a world that has zombies, humans kill you or zombies will get you. Either way you will die by something.

I said this in my mind when I went back towards the car, inside the car I looked at the map to find another way around the base. Taking a detour towards AREA 0, I stopped at a fuel station to grab some extra fuel for the trip while at the same time grabbing a milk cart to hold the fuel in so they wouldn’t jump all over the place and possibly spill the fuel but that was impossible unless someone shoots and makes a hole in it then well, we are going to turn into roasted zombies. As I was loading the last fuel container I heard something click and stopped moving.

“Why hello there Stanger, mind if I “borrow” that car of your for a spin around the block? Ill make sure to give it back to ya! Haha!”

I moved my head and showed them my clean face as the other side had the hole in it and they might shoot me when they see it; there was just the one guy with a pistol pointing at me. I might be able to take him on but his standing a at a good distance of 15metres so I might get shot a few times and possible die for good if he shoots my head and I’ll see heaven for real too. I closed the boot of the car and slowly move to the left with both of my hands in the air, luckily my hands are coved with leather cloved so he won’t see the bite marks and I had a hoody on as well.

When I was about 5metres away from the car the bastard shot me in the back and I played died.

“hahahaha! Thanks for the ride!”

As he walked to the car laughing with his back turned towards me I got up and ran towards him, his eyes went huge when he saw my zombie face in the mirror and quickly turned towards me with his gun but I was already in front of him.


“Well I’m sorry! Did you think I would die so easily!?”

I broke his hand with the gun in it and picked him up by the neck, then I through him down right into the hard ground then picked him up again and walked towards the fuel pump. There I opened his mouth and fill it up with Deiseal while holding him down, making him drink it.

*ARR ghghh!!!*   *gulp*

“Sorry old friend it seems I can’t give you Black Tea today so I hope you enjoy this newly made Deiseal Tea. That and some friendly kisses from a zombie or two?”

After making him drink a little, I called some zombies over and broke both of his legs.

“Ha ha ha what the HELL!! ARE YOU!!”

The man yelled this with all he had as he was in pain at the same time, I looked at his and said only two things.

“A Zombie.”

I turned towards the car and was about to enter the car when I saw someone sitting in it reading a….. Yaio Manga! (Yaio = Boy + Boy Love. For all the men out there please don’t look it up)

“blua oh my God is that a Yaio MANGA!?”

“yes, yes it is. Got a problem with it zombie boy?”

The woman who was in the passenger seat looked up at me with a face that had no emotions at all. She was wearing a hooded long sleeve jumper and jeans, both of them black, even her hair and eyes. A teenager.

“umm what are you doping inside the car?”

I asked this while not paying attention to the screaming behind me as I held the gun and checked the bullets inside the clip.

“You called me didn’t you?”

Called? Oh so she is…

“Wait you mean you are also a zombie?”

“Yea I woke up just a week ago and I also learned how to call other zombie’s and such. What about you?”

She looked at me while closing the manga in her hand at a scene that no straight man should see, a chill ran down my spine when I saw it for a split second.

Zombies don’t feel anything but I guess this is an exception.

“umm well just yesterday I woke up and stuff. Anyways I’m heading towards Area 0, want a ride somewhere on the way?”

As I asked, I entered the car and started it up while adjusting the mirror and putting on the seatbelt.

“So you don’t know about “it” huh? Well I should tell you something.”

Something slimy touched my left cheek and I looked towards the teenager who must’ve played a trick on me.

“umm what are you doing? Can you stop that and where did you get the slimy stuff anyways?”

She simply raised both of her hands up and did nothing else. I looked towards the “thing” that was rubbing against my cheek. A tentacle was the sconce of the slimy stuff and the one who started this.

“umm….. Arrghh!”

I yelled for a second and moved back a little but as I had the seatbelt on I couldn’t move far.

“Hehehehe I like that reaction, I’m going to burn it into my mind now. Thanks for the meal. Anyhow as you are the same zombie as me you should know something.”

The tentacle moved away and has wrapped around her neck like scurf. I sat up and looked towards her as she cleared her throat with a “ahem”.

“We, as in you and me. Are going to mutate into something else when a week has passed from the day we wake up as a zombie. I have grown tentacles from my back and I can control them as I wish. Also I think you should shoot that man’s head before he wakes up as a zombie and starts following us to the end of the earth for revenge.”

I nodded and shot him in the head then got back in the car while asking.

“Is that really true? That we, the zombies who have our minds intact, can mutate?”

She nodded and started to explain.

The mutation finishes in a week’s time and the mutation will be random as there is no information on how to mutate into something you wish for. The mutations effects are easy to spot but hard to determine until the end of the week. That is what she knows so far from the mutation so far.

“So I’ll be more in-human hey?”

I look far off into the distance and had all my hope vanish for thinking I can be human once more, well that was not even possible anyways. As I sat there I placed my head on the stirring wheel and sobbed quietly to myself.

“if you were to become human you would be running and hiding all day, till the day you die. Zombies will be after you know?”

She has a point and I would die right after turning human scene I’ve been shot in the chest.


“Anyways what’s your name?”


“Yuki huh? Well nice to meet you, also don’t read that horrifying manga near me! Any how my name is K as I don’t remember my full name scene I had my head bitten, I might of forgotten my name because of it.”

When I checked my brain once more I found out I was missing a small bit of my brain when I looked closer. Yuki was a bit surprised and said nothing more as I started the car and headed towards Area 0.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: END PART 1 :::::::::::::::::::


:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::START PART 2::::::::::::::::::

Here it is :3


On the road as I drove the car we talked a lot about our time as a zombie as I can’t remember most of my life as a human I do remember some faces and names but most of my memories were foggy. Yuki on the other hand remembers a lot more than me, most likely it’s because I can’t see a bite mark on her head at ALL! On the road there were a lot of times I had to get out and move the cars while Yuki…. Sits there reading her ANTI-STRIGHT MAN BOOK OF DOOM!

“Could you at least help out for once?”

“Why should I? I’m a frail young woman who can’t move things that are heavier than a book.”

She said this while over acting in the car while I moved a truck with my own to hands….


We arrived at a hut by turning off the high way as there was a million cars blocking us when I looked from the roof of a car to see how bad it was going to be.

*bumb bumb*

*Sway sway*

“I don’t feel good….”

“You’re a zombie now are you not? And how are you getting motion sickness as a zombie anyways?”

“How should I know? *humng*

“Hold that in and not in the CAR! Do it outside, outside!”

While the car was still moving at a snail’s pace through the woods, Yuki was … feeling better after covering half of the car in vomit. As we continued to drive through the forest, it started to get dark and I checked the time just to be sure.


On the Rocky Roadwe drove on, I saw a sign up ahead and turned the cars head light onto it as it was too dark to see.


The sign was covered in some blood which is most likely from a zombie or a human being eaten by a zombie, I was not sure. I drove the car into the camp and parked it next to the camp fire. The place was littered with dead bodies here and there but I just took out my hand gun just in case and took the guns that were left behind. A hunting rifle and 2 hand guns. That was all I could find so I placed them into the car while making sure Yuki wouldn’t cover the inside of the car with her vomit, and left towards the building with the word “OFFICE”.

Looking inside there was no surprise that there would be dead bodies and blood of the dead, there was a single zombie standing behind the counter though she was a normal zombie. I went behind the counter and looked for keys that may lead to the armoury in the camp as it did say HUNTTING at the front. No luck, so that mean someone must have the key to the armoury but he or she might have died from the zombies. Still it was a maybe at that.

I found a map coupon and looked at it while ignoring the deals and “%” off signs. The armour is not too far from the office but the lack of light is troublesome, I also need to refuel soon. Oh a bath house huh? I wonder why they made it but I might use it anyways, but first the guns and fuel from the armour is necessary.

“Yuki I found the armour and there’s also a bath house ne-“


“It’s near the armoury”


As she said so with an aura of determination, we got into the car a drove towards the armoury while dogging walking and crawling zombies, picking up guns on the way and even going into loges to take clothes for when we take a bath to get rid of the blood and such off our bodies.

“Armoury 150m ^”

“Bath House 100m >”

“Food Area 75m <”

“let’s go to the armoury before the bath house as it’s further all right?”

“All right…”

She said so with a ^ as I started to turn right in order to go around the sign and followed the path towards the armoury.



The armoury was locked by  not just one but 10 different locks all together as well as an old looking zombie standing next to it going “arrgghh” or a simple moan.

“Hey Yuki can you-“

“Aww too bad we can only go to the Bath House now. GET MOVING!”

With a car like face she said that. H-hey why are your eyes going *Sparkle, Sparkle* for?

“O-ok? Get in the car so we can get back to the bathhouse.”


“I-it’s pretty big but… it looks more like a haunted house then a bathhouse.”

“Y-yea….. There’s even fog all around the whole bath house….”

The bath house was covered with fog all over and was coming out from the front doors that were left open. Not only that but the front of the building was covered with blood and littered bodies making it even scarier than the usually haunted house.

Together we walked up the stairs with our spear clothes in our hands with a towel on top, I headed towards the men’s bath while she went to the women’s bath. Seeing some dead bodies on the ground made it hard to change and enter the warm water but I managed somehow.


Feel better from before I relaxed in the water that is washing away the dirty, blood and I’m not sure but sweat? Anyways I felt better while having my shoulders under water.

“I wonder if she’s doing all right? She should as girls like doing these things right? Yea she should be fine.”

But I need to open those locks somehow.. There might be bolt cutters or something like that laying around the place right? Getting the guns and ammo is a MUST! In order to survive I need to kill is needed, I don’t want to lose this second chance at life! Thank You GOD! I nodded to this in my head.

KYAAAA!! Where? OI!! GET AWAY!!!!!”


What? I listened to the splashing and scream of Yuki who was behind the wall next to me, I wonder if she’s all right?


I hear the sound of something being smashed into the wall I was listening from and got out the bath, changed into the fresh clean clothes that were left in the spot I had left them. I heard more screams and splashing, soon I was standing at the women’s door to the bathroom.

“All right there is nothing wrong with trying to help her out, there is nothing wrong.”

Taking a deep breath of air, even if I don’t need it, I opened the door…….

There I see Yuki waving around her tentacles in a frenzy as if to hit a fly that has been buzzing around, when she saw me I was hit hard in the head with her yelling “IDIOT!”

I couldn’t remember much after that.

::::::::::::::::::::::::END PART 2::::::::::::::::::::::::::


:::::::::::::::::::::::START PART 3:::::::::::::::::::::::




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