Dead Days

Dead Days

Chapter 1: Alive But Dead?


During the holidays there was news, boring news that is, talking about a new theme park opening and stories about famous people and new products and the like. I never was into news, only the exciting stuff like shark attacks and the but that’s just me. The school holidays is on at the moment so the news and ads are all saying slow down and double the points are being taken off for reckless driving and speeding.

How do I spend the holidays or my days off? In doors most of the time and outdoors when I need something or exercising as I do need to lose the small weight I have put on somehow, I am a young man after all. During my time on the computer playing a game and about to win, the sound of sirens was getting loader but then harder to hear as it sped down the road.

Was it the police? I wonder what was going on but I need to finish this battle soon. I will have enough points to unlock a character soon. All the hard work and loses will pay off.

After the battle and a small break from the computer I turned on the TV that I don’t use often to see what was going on and clicked the button to go to the news to see what has happened.

[ There has been a murder taken place near a local police station. We are now going to David who is at the scene to see the situation unfold. David what is happening at the moment? ]

As the woman on the TV was talking it went to David who is just across the street from the olice station.

[ Right now I am standing across the street where there have been reports of people being killed or attacked inside the police station. It started out with a person running inside the building with a bleeding hand, the wound was probably coursed by the attacker. About five minutes after the victim ran inside the attacker, who was dressed up as a homeless person, walked inside the building after the victim.

There was gun shots and yelling coming inside the building there was also traces of blood on the window…..]

As I started to get hungry I went to the kitchen that was close by and went for the 2 minute cupped noodles and I was not bothered cooking any and was the most easy thing to do as well as the shortest. With the news still on the TV I went to tell my friends what is going on near my place. As I was talking to my friends on the computer, more sirens went off in the distance and the sound of a crazy was heard near my apartment building. My friends where surprised and asking what was going on, so I went to the window to see what had happened outside.

Just at the roundabout outside my apartment there was a bus that smashed into some cars and stopped when it hit the wall of another apartment building. The inside of the bus is full of blood so it looked like a bad crash, a person with a blood covered shirt fell down from the bus steps face first. The cars the bus has smashed into had people unconscious in most of the vehicles, some are trying to get out while some tried to call for help.

People from nearby rushed to call for police and whatnot while the others rushed to help out, pulling, smashing CPR, they did whatever they could think of at the scene. As one of the people dragged the person who fell from the bus, THAT person woke up and was looking at the helper with a pale looking face. The helper then laid down the man down and started checking the man for where he might have been injured.

I couldn’t hear what they were saying as the car noises where still going off, the noises did stop though after about a minute and that’s when the man was dragged out, but.

[ ouch man. You got a nasty chunk out of you out on the ribs. I surprised you are not yelling in pain anyways take this pain killer. I always take it with me ju..gough]

The injured man pushed down the helper and kissed? His neck but I soon kicked that thought out of my head when I saw blood coming from the helpers neck where the injured man was eating it in a frenzy as if it was his mother’s cooking or was a dish made by a master chef. Not only that but more people with blood gushing out of them started coming out of the bus, all of them had bite marks or bits of their flesh hanging out here and there, all of them looking dead pale.

The people around the crash site were shocked to see how real life it looked on the people coming off the bus were and started to think it was a dream but it was hard not to think of it as a dream at all. The man who was bitten was dead on the ground and the zombie like man got up and went for the nearest person to him.

[Wa..wait. STOP!!! Gough! Aaagghhh!!!!]

And started to eat him like the first person he had attacked. The other zombies started going for the nearest people, holding them down and biting them, sometimes they eat one person together making the pain unbelievable just from looking at them eat the poor person. While the nearest people were getting eaten alive by the zombies the first to die (The Helper) started to move even though he had a gaping hole in his neck, and joined in with eating a young woman who was pinned down by a zombie.

With a high pitched scream the woman was being eaten from her shoulder by a zombie and the newly made zombie started eating her ribs along with a crunching sound of her bones was heard even from my apartment I could still hear a faint sound of it being crushed. My heart is racing because it was not an act and it was all real, not only that they are zombies, zombies that eat humans and hunt day and night for them, us.

I quickly went over to tell everyone in the apartment from door to door telling them to barricade their doors and get anything that they can use to fight off the hoard of zombies. After that I heard screams and death coming from down stairs as well as the moan of the undead, I quickly grabbed my door and close it shut. I placed a chair under the door handle and move the bookshelf on top of it, after that I get a knife and hold it in my hand on the couch while watching the TV.

The scene of zombies coming out of the police station and heading over to the news crew was on the TV, then, as the new man thought it was an act, was eaten alive and the camera man dropped his camera and yelled in pain. The camera was by his side and you could see him trying to get off the zombie on top of him but had failed, getting eating and becoming a zombie.

The camera was killed off so no one could see what is happening and went back to the shocked news woman, a person handed her a piece of paper and read out what was on it after clearing her throat with a *Ahem*

[ This just in…. there appears to be an unknown virus spreading at a rapid pace around the world. This is a letter from the science department of the world. It reads “This is not a joke at all. The virus has been named the ‘Zombie’ virus as there is no other way to name it. The reason? It has been confirmed it is in fact a zombie virus. The symptoms are: Fever, extreme sweating, tiredness, couching, execs sliver, increase in hunger, and finally death with transformation of the body to a zombie. The only known way to kill a zombie is destroying the brain.”]

With the panicked new woman staring at the paper in her hand she started to sweat all over as she has no words to say anymore because the letter is from the science department of the world, no one can say anything back to the letter that has been read out all over the country on every news and on every channel all over the world.

I got back on my computer and talked to my friends online that ‘Zombies’ are real and they are right outside my door, along with my final wishes and goodbyes along with words of love to exchange my door had just been slammed. I quickly told them they are here at my door and said goodbye for the final time, and went to my door with the knife in hand after turning off the TV.

*Banging noises*

This sound was repeated many times over against my door until a hand came though my door and started to wave all over the place trying to hold onto the first thing it touched. I quickly started cutting at the rampaging hand with the knife in my hand, slicing a few fingers in the process  and finally the hand came off but the zombie didn’t mind his hand being cut off and kept his arm waving like a mad man.


The chair made a deadly sound along with the door that had just grown more hands of death from within along with a face of agony and death with white, gold-brown and red staring at me from the newly made hole. I kept slicing off hands and fingers but they still kept on flailing around and banging on the door to get to me and eat me alive! I start panicking even more as I hear screaming from outside and yelling along with pleas behind the zombie attackers.

I get away from the door and get another knife, magazines and tape the magazines around my arms, chest and legs. Then went back to the door to fight off the zombies and hope someone like the army or police get here but I know it will take a long time before they get here so I may end up as one of the zombies before help arrives. After cutting what seems like hundreds of zombie hands and finger for God know how long, the door has been broken at the top half while the bottom half is still un effective.

A zombie starts to clime the book shelf barricade and I aim for his arms as it will be the end of me when it grabs hold of my arms then after that I will aim for its head as they all die when the head is cut off. I swing my knife at the left hand then the right and finally the head but the thing is my knife has started to blunt as I’ve cut countless hands and fingers off so my knife has only made it half way though the head and stopped! Because of this it was still somewhat moving but in a sluggish way with it repeatedly opening and closing its mouth while closing the distance at a snail’s pace.

I pulled the knifes with everything I had and stabbed it once more in the head rather than the swing I did before and killed it! But two more started to clime the bookshelf and not only that but the bookshelf has started to be pushed off the doorway so that means more zombies will be able to enter my apartment! I went to the kitchen and grab all the knifes I could grab and went to my room, locked the door and barricaded once more with everything I could think of. Bed, table, drawers, closet you name it, I used what every I could use, all but my computer set because I wanted to say my final, final farewell to the world and my friends.

After saying my farewell the door started to bang wildly once more and I typed up my final words on the internet, turned my status from online to ‘Away’ and typed in ‘Thoughts’ [I HAVE BEEN EATEN BY ZOMBIES] and went to the door fighting off the never ending wave of zombies.

The door was broken though once more and I was eaten alive while taken 5 zombies along with me to the grave and died.

A few hours later.[1]

That’s what happened to me but I was alive after waking up in that same room I just died in!



[1] Sponge Bob Square Pants reference.


Published by: Shuffling505

I like to read light novels and manga. I use to league of legends and main support. I play the D&D table top game and Monster Hunter 4 U and Generations. When i can i write my novels.

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