The Black Smith God 5

The Blacksmith God

Chapter 5: A Helping Hand

This chapter I will use [   ] for a test to see if it is easy to read it.



[POV changed to Hellion].

After waking up with the girls on the side of the bed I woke up in. I regained the moments leading to me being here, I stared at the girls with my piercing eyes and released an aura demanding them all to say ‘sorry’.

The girls started shacking and said [[WE ARE SORRY MASTER!]] at the same time but I didn’t let my demanding aura go, I just turned it down a little.

As I sat up and scold them, I sighed as to why they wanted to cling onto me so much.

I looked at Yuna as she was responsible for nearly killing me with “love” and took a better look at her features. Her snake body was red with a shine as to show off her cleanliness, she is wearing a kimono which is also red and it suits her even though she is not human, well part human. Her red hair goes down to her lower back and her snake eyes are golden which makes you want to look at the pair of eyes for longer.

As I looked at Yuna she started blushing, I think I stared at her a bit too much so I moved my gaze to Lily who was, not going over the top here, unbelievably beautiful that I thought I was going to die. She has purple hair down to her lower shoulders along with pure white skin that for some reason make each other more enchanting, might be because she is a succubus but I don’t know. Her tail is in a love heart shape while her wings are bat like with a sharp horn point on the tip. Her chest is around the same as Yuna, around the size of my hand and a half, she was also wearing black high heels, a black knee high socks and a sailor uniform, from Japanese schools, in black. All in all she was wearing nothing but black which suits her very well.

As I looked at what she was wearing I looked into her eyes which were purple but it turned pink and I started to feel hot for some reason and wanted to be right next to Lily. And as I looked at Lily, the wall behind her turned into a pink wall with stars and sparkles which made her look even more beautiful. As I stood up and started to walk I was tackled by Ahri and the other girls tackled Lily and a commotion started over how Lily was cheating by using her “Enchant” spell to make me fall for Lily.

Thank God I was not alone or else something would have happened to me and I would of woken up half dead from her “Love time” with me. After the commotion died down and Lily was sulking for not being able to make me hers, I told them about where we were and what happened when I explored the area around my house/base and also about spotting a village. The girls were shocked about the information I had just told them and the idea I have about exploring the possibility of my fellow guild members living in that vary village I had just mentioned.

When I told them that I wanted to make contact with the village, and the information of the hunters I had encounter with last night, I also told them about the Druid I met as well but they all said they will guard me with their life. They even left the room to get their armour and such ready. And I found myself being surrounded by the , armed to the teeth of course, girls who are standing right in front of the portal I used to get here from the house.

I looked back at the girls in their full armour along with their weapons. Lily had her light armour gear that showed off her beauty as the armour only covered parts of her but the armour was made by me and as a result it has the [Barrier] skill where if attacked it will make a [Barrier] armour her body, it can take around 100,000 damage and it has a 45 second cooldown before you can reactivate it again. She also has twin daggers, I also made, that gives her a bonus in movement, manna cost for spells, dodging and a special which makes her turn invisible for a short period of time (10 seconds).

Yuna has ranger armour on and of course it was made by me as well as her bow and arrows. Her armour was a robe that one of my close cloth maker friend made for her, but I added small high class martial to give it a look of a robe with small metal decorations here and there. My friend the cloth maker was named [TheLOVE Kitten] and she was as famous as me but for clothes as she was a fashion designer in real life and in her spare time she would ask me if it was possible to design cloths for my familiars. The reason for asking me was because no one but me had human or demi-human familiars at all, as it was super hard and rear to acquire them. Or they simply not bothered to even go get them.

When TheLOVE Kitten came over to my place one day, she was in a super happy mood at the time that her tail with a super shine and her humming was noticeable. On that day she was wearing her favourite high heels she got from a quest, it was not for fighting though it was just for looks, and she also wore the latest fashion top, skirt and hat. What she was wearing on top was a wavy tipped white top with the neck collar showing. As for her skirt it was blue, it was down just above her knees, and she was wearing a simple (but deadly)  white straw hat with holes to fit her ears into and a blue rose flower on the side.

I asked her [why she was in such a good mood today] at which she replied [Because of your help I got promoted in my work place, thank you Hellion]. After that day, she kept on making new clothes for my familiars with some armour bonuses made by me, but it still looked more like clothes then armour when you look at it.

Shusha was wearing her ninja uniform but she was covered in small blades from her waist down to her boots along with six Katana on her back in a fanned out shape. She had arm guards, leg guards, knee guards, breast plate, elbow guards, gauntlets and boots, all in black and made by me to increase her agile movement while on stealth quests or missions from the guild to check up on the other guilds when we were at war with them. Speaking about stealth, I’ve become rusty as I was so focused on making my master peace lately. I need to train myself again; I have been slacking off not Shusha.

Ahri was wearing a pure white shrine maiden with the edge being red. Ahri was a healer and a spell caster so she was wearing her best uniform made by TheLOVE Kitten and my hard work. It was more cloth than anything else. Her tails were together so it looked like it was one tail; she had a pouch for medical treatment on her waist and another for potions. Of course I wouldn’t want her to wear cloth with low armour status so a put the left over materials from Kimons armour into the uniform for Ahri so right now she has an extremely hard to break cloth armour which I didn’t think would happen at all. It was as hard as Kimons armour but not the same level of course.

All in all they are armed to the teeth with deadly set of armour and weapons with the determination to protect me to their last breath. If only I was the one protecting I would gladly do it for them all! But for me to be protected….*sigh*. I thought this in my head as we entered the portal to my house along with the girls in toe.


We had a quick chat with Druid before going outside with her to say our goodbyes for now, while waving goodbye to Druid who went back into the forest, the girls are staring holes in my back with their deadly eyes.

[A-anyways we should get going before the villages get up and all, it is like five in the morning no?]

I had a watch with me that automatically changed the time to the worlds time which was really handy as I didn’t need to guess the time of day or stay outside until the sung hits its peak during the day. There is no way I was going to do that anyways. I took out the watch to see what time it is.

5:05AM (SFLG: I just had to put “505” in there :P. Also “SFLG” will be my tag for ‘Shuffling505’)

[All right it is 5AM so there is bound to be little to no guard or people in the village ahead of us. Let’s get ready to make contact with the village to see if it is possible to become friends with then and if possible, be able to make contact with my fellow friends. Got it?]

As I was talking I put on a cloak to cover up my wings and tail as well as a mask of a crying man (SFLG: laughing and crying mask) to cover up my scale faced. The others also had their own masks put on.

The village was in site so we simple walked on the road for the guard to be able to see us and we arrived at the gate to the village. There we were stopped by the 4 guards at the gate for inspection.

[Halt! Who are and what are you doing here? And more importantly what’s with the masks?]

[We are simple traveling doctors and jack of all trades. We are simply going from one place to another and we are requesting a place to stay for a while before we get moving again.]

The guard requested to check our luggage in the bags on our backs. He checked mine to see armour, swords, axes and arrows. In Ahri’s luggage were medical supplies such as bandages, potions and needles. When he came to Lily he was dyed pink with a splash of red, that was to be expected, and he requested in a shy matter to check her luggage.

[Oh? So you want to check my private collection? But I don’t want to because it is my favorited treasure of clothes]

She started to put up an act of a shy girl. She only had a cape to cover up her back even though she can put away her wings and tail, which she did to be on the safe side, she still wanted to wear it.

The guard who couldn’t take it said sorry to her and said the all clear, he didn’t check Yuna huh? (she is in her human form) And we entered the village with a warning and directions to the Inn of recommendation. The Inn was called [The Dark Wolf Inn]. It was named that because some hero killed a beast on a legendary scale that was said to be a fight to behold as it went on for a week non-stop before the beast was slain. They are also selling small figures of the beast in some stores and some are selling good luck items in the shape of the wolfs’ head.

I also asked the guard if there was a blacksmith and there was which was next to the Inn so we went to the blacksmith first to sell some crap made items (the swords and armour from before) that I made with the lowest grade metal just before we got here as I wanted to get some of the gold from this world and not use mine. The girls were waiting outside while I was talking to the son and told him I wanted to sell some stuff to him.

As I waited for the blacksmith I checked his products, to only find it was more terrible then the ones I brought with me. Well I did make everything with my heart and soul in it, even food. The status was well below my crap made armour and equipment, by 60-90 status points. I was kind of happy that I knew I was going to get some gold coins here but I still felt sorry for this guy who was going to have a hard time selling them as it was going to be like 1G and 50S coins (G=gold S=silver C=copper).

[Hello there! My name is Thomas. I heard you got some stuff to sell to me. So what do you have there?]

The man who came out was a man with a big build. He has think arms, a strong looking chest and thick hands and fingers. He did a good first impression with a smile on his face and the look of a good craftsman, and could quickly tell he has been doing this for a good while now. But his skills were not up to par with me at all.

He took of his work apron and stood at the ready for me to tell him what I have brought with me.

[Yes. Well then I have a few sets here and there so why don’t I sell you the set of armour for a knight? Along with the sword of course.]

I started to take out the helmet first then the torso, arms and leggings before taking out the boots, shield and finally the sword all on the counter before him. As he saw I was not lying to him about a full set including the sword, he started checking them in the order I took them out, one by one.


Status of the set.

Helmet: 110 armour. 60 magic resist. 300 durability.  50 attack. 10 magic attack.

Torso: 200 armour. 80 magic resist. 500 durability.  100 attack. 50 magic attack. Special: [Shielding of the knight order] able to shield allies for 300 damage for 30 seconds and has a 3 minute cooldown.

Arm guards + gauntlets: 80 armour. 35 magic resist. 150 durability. 30 attack. 10 magic attack. Special: [Though armour] Passively gives a bonus to all equipment in [Durability] by 30%.

Leggings: 150 armour. 40 magic resist. 350 durability. 55 attack. 30 magic resist.

Boots: 100 armour. 20 magic resist. 100 durability. 20 attack. 5 magic attack.

Sword: 200 attack. 50 magic attack. 600 durability. Special: [Knights Strength] upon activating the spell, your allies will receive a bonus in attack and defence for 1 minute and has a 5 minute cooldown. [Knights Strength] is 10% of attack and 15% of defence scaling of the user.


As the blacksmith puts the sword down he looks at me with a stern face with sweat running down his forehead.

[I honestly didn’t think this set was going to pop out here at all. So lad how much is it for this set?]

[4G and 20S coins]

[That’s a bit much for me. I can offer 3G and 50S coins at most as I need the rest to help out the family you know?]

[3G and 55S no lower ok?]


Just as I shook the mans’ hand with a firm hand shack. There was the sound of a thousand men and a rain of arrows flying into the sky.



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