The Black Smith God 4

The Blacksmith God

Chapter 4: The Attack

Lily, a Succubus I won in a Halloween event called “A Deadly Lover” as the name suggests, it’s about love with a deadly twist. It was a high level quest you get from a local farmer and in the foams there was a small chance of getting the Succubus in the quest as a familiar along with crazy status, skills and spells. The quest was super hard to do and you can have a max of 10 people helping you in the quest which helped a lot as there were a lot of high levelled mob monsters.

During the boss battle, there was an annoying spell called “Bewitched” where she controls a fellow member of your team for 30 seconds if you get hit by the love heart her sends flying towards you. And for some reason she was aiming for me most of the time but I didn’t get hit once during the fight as our Tank player Kimon was hit first as he was right in Lily’s face so he was bond to get hit by it. But the bad part was he was taking all of our damage for her during the duration of the spell so we changed our plan of attack to take her down.

After the boss battle was done and the quest turned in I had a pink love heart above my head as soon as the quest was done, because I didn’t get rid of it until the end of the Halloween event, I was picked on. That was until I got Lily in the Halloween prize, they pretty much shut up big time. Not only that they begged me to show Lily to them whenever I see them or party with them, which I did for a small fee of 1,000G every half an hour of course. >:3

By the way I was the first person to get Lily as we were waiting for the event to start at 12am (it was Halloween so, yea) and we finished it in a record time of 1:23:35. It was the fastest and still is till now as a record, because of this we had a percent boost in the prize gift. Everyone gets a pet Bat and a pumpkin head as a default but everything else was random but I had a love heart above my head and when I got Lily it went away.

Lily’s status was high to begin with along with an abnormal level of 120 which was the same level as me and now since I was level 200 she was also level 200. It was hard to believe but one of her skills was “Love bond” which is: The target lover will gain a bonus in defence and attack. Special: Whenever the Target lover (Hellion, aka me) levels up the familiar will also level up. Current level 200.

As I recalled my gaming days before I got here I found myself in an awarded position with my as the centre and the  girls, Ahri, Shusha and Lily, surrounded me with both my arms and my tail (for some reason) being held by them while staring each other down with killing intent aura around each of them.

As to how I got into this well…. It went like this. Lily was on top of me, hugging me and stuffing her face in my chest while sniffing. Ahri and Shusha both got mad and tried to persuade Lily to get off me, she said ‘Don’t want to’ then they tried pulling her off. Then it went to a challenge to see who loves me the most and now I am here.

During the time I was used as a ‘tug of war rope’, I got to see and meet my other familiars. The first was Galio, he was a massive gargoyle with magic carvings all over him in light blue. I use him as a tank to sock up as much damage as possible when I go out solo. He was a tough looking guy even in the real world along with that he had a deep voice that sounded exactly like a person you find in prison.

He went off to train himself along with a wink for the wrong reason. The second one I met was a Lamia which is a snake humanoid who has the lower part of a snake and their top part human, they were a rear race who live in hot environments such as the desert or jungles and are an all-female race.  Yuna was hard to capture as it required a certain ‘Tamer’ level and items such as a ‘Snake Tooth necklace’ and such. I got her after 3 hours of trying to capture her, when she saw me she also released a killing intent and wrapped her tail around my waist and hugged me with killer snake eyes staring at the others.

Now I got 4 people releasing killing intent and holding a peace of me as if it were gold and staring each other down.

The last one to walk by was Cerberus, a three headed demon dog who guards the gates of hell in Greek myths. I usually use him in my free time to hunt down monsters and animals whenever I need their hide, claws and ect.

When he came by he was wagging his tail but stopped as soon as the girls looked at him, he put his head down and walked away to somewhere else while I tried asking him to save me.

Now I am stuck in between 4 girls who are hold a part of me with no one to help me out and having the air squeezed out of me by Yuna.

“C-c-can’t b-breve”

I can’t remember what happened next after that.


POV changed to Commander Rye.

10,000 men are under my command and from the letter I received from the higher ups to attack a village with only wooden walls and an army of only 1000 men to defend, the order was to raid and kill every man, women and child even the elderly are on the kill list.

When I received this deadly command I had a hard time collecting my thoughts and myself all together as the consequence of not following this order was death. It was an order from the Royal Commander himself and it was written that the order came from the King.

To kill-no eradicate an entire village without  telling that villages’ kingdom will greatly lower our respect to the ground and the reputation from a ‘Great Kingdom’ to a worthless, backstabbing kingdom.

The village falls under the protection of the Marris Kingdoms protection and land. If our kingdom the Gurdon were to attack with ought warning, even though we have a ‘non-aggression pact’ with each other to not attack each other for 2 years! It has been 1 year scene the pact was made. What has our King done to get so much war power in a year? That was the only thing I can think of scene he has given me the order to attack the Village near our border with a small mountain like hill with a forest, the Village called Furan.


It has been 1 week scene I have read the King’s letter and ordered my men to march to the Village Furan as well as the order to kill everyone there with no mercy what to ever. My men were shocked as well, that was to be expected as they also know we had a peace pact with the kingdom that we are about to attack.

I only hope that God will overlook this. I pray in silence as I led the march to the village that will no longer be heard of again.

“Commander Rye! We have spotted the Village called Furan!”

“Good work! Have you spotted the enemy army forces?”

“Yes! There are around 1,500 or so maybe a little bit more but I couldn’t  see all of them, this is a guess though Commander Rye.”

I sent a scout unit of 20 horse men to scout out their forces and by the looks of it and from the report they have not seen our scouts. This will be a massacre.

I told my men that we will attack at dawn, as I hope to kill them all quickly and if possible in their sleep as it will be as painless as possible. That is the only mercy I can give in this attack. We set up camp about 1000 metres (1093.61 Yards “Thanks to google”), the location of the camp is in the forest of the mountain hill called ‘The Fenrir Forest’ it was named after the Legendary adventurer [whose name is unknown even now] killed a monstrous Werewolf the size of a house, in this very forest and called the beast Fenrir.

“The forest was called that ever scene”

One of my men at the camp fire told the story of this forest and some of them were scared while others admired the story of the man who killed the beast Fenrir.


Dawn of the attack.

I was planning in attacking from the one side only as I hopped that the villagers could escape from my attack but, in the letter it said “no survivors” so I changed my pan into a pincer attack and prayed the villages to have a quick and painless death.

My 10,000 men.

I split them into 5 forces, each with 2000 men and attacking from 5 flanks to ensure a quick and swift attack, maybe painless.

I commanded the attack from the front of the village; I had my generals command the other forces.

As we slowly marched into view of the village. I yelled in a voice for all to hear.



We were about 500 meters (457.2 metres in yards) and because I told them I wanted to end this swiftly, we ran after marching 300 metres.

We took out the guards with archer fire and stormed the gates.

From the side I could see the other forces storming the walls with ladders with archer fire flying over the walls to kill more guards or villages. After destroying the gates with make shift rams made out of logs, we stormed inside to kill the remaining army awaiting us who managed to get prepared in time but it was their doom and they all know it.

As I killed the first guard with my sword my men rushed into the fight with me and the massacre begins.



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