The Blacksmith God 3

The Black Smith God

Chapter 3: Wanted

As ran while dodging trees and branches with my “Presence”, I waited to see if they were going to chase after me for a minute and they were not chasing after me by the looks of things so I waited for my vision to return.

As I waited for it to return I picked up something odd with my “Presence”, and that was right under me but to be precise I was sitting on “it”. I got up as soon as I detected it but my vision was still in pitch white.

“Hello there.” Lady?

“Hello and sorry for sitting on you.”

“There is no need to be sorry. My I have your name?”


I went with my character name as I do not wish to be controlled or killed if I gave the person? My true name as it is possible since I am in another world after all.

“Hellion. That matches you quite well given your looks. Oh sorry I forgot my name hhmm well you can just call me Druid if you like.”

I nearly died right there when I heard her say that. As for why I nearly died just say it’s from happiness and joy that I got to meet a real Druid.

“Argh Are you ok Hellion?”

“Y-yea it’s just that I didn’t think I would of met a real Druid in person before so don’t worry.”

“O-oh that’s kind of you. I guess it’s because we are usually too deep in the forest and since there is dangerous monsters and wild life around that we all most don’t get to meet people.”

Well that is true because Druids life around a million years or so and that the forest grows bigger, the more dangerous it is the further you go in and that’s where the Druids life. I start thinking of how beautiful the Druid is before me and sigh in sorrow about how the effects of the flash bang haven’t worn off yet and at such a wonderful time too!

I and the beautiful Druid started talking about ourselves and I got to learn about her much better. Apparently she cannot tell anyone their true name as you have to be a lover in order to learn their true name, this goes for only the Druids as their all-female and other races as well, so I can’t just get her real name unless I am her lover/husband as it is a tradition in this world for some races.

Half way though my vision started to come back and I got to see the beautiful Druid before me. She was around 6 foot I am guessing in height. She has golden hair down to her lovely lower back, green eyes, deep rose lips and a chest just right for herself along with perfect hips. She also had some flowers in her hair; some were white, pink, blue and so on. It just added more beauty to her even if it is in the middle of the night.


I let it out in admiration. She thanked me as I said that with a slight smile. I turned pink around my cheeks but I don’t know if that possible as my face was mostly covered in scales so I don’t know if they turned pink. I quickly turned around out of reflex and held my face with my hands.

“Shy; are we?”

“Please don’t tease me Druid.”

I said in a small voice that I could muster out of shyness. After that we talked a bit more and I told her where my house is and if she wanted to come along at which she answered

“Oh I want to see where you live Hellion.”

With her hands together and a excited voice and so I brought her with me to my home in the middle of the night.

(Yea I didn’t think this thought did I? bringing a naked girl home in the middle of the night and I am the only other PERSON with her.)

I thought that when we walked to my house with Druid behind me.


The next day after showing Druid and having a chat until we fell asleep, I got up with pain in my right arm as the beautiful Druid used it as a pillow. I didn’t know how she ended up sleeping on my arm at all; we did drink some alcohol that I had stored in the back though.

Suddenly I remembered that I killed a hunter out of reflex (I was used to it and trained myself in the art of instantly killing any foe that was near me and attacked me with “Crowd Control” or any other skills).

Because I remembered that I need to take quick measures in hiding myself along with my house in order to survive as long as possible as well as finding others who are in the same position as me in this “New World”.

I rushed out of my house (taking care of Druid first) and started to find anything nearby to cover my house up in. I started looking around and thinking of anything the surroundings can offer me to make my house look “Natural” so that the hunters or anyone who comes to find me won’t look to much into my camouflaged house.

After thinking and looking as hard as I could for half an hour I started working on it and thanks to my speed I rushed here and there picking up, from the roots of course, bushes, small trees and the lot until I covered half of the house. As I continued to do this for 2-3 hours, guessed here by the sun, my house of covered in all sorts of plant life.

“I hope this will avert the eyes of hunters and slayer nearby.”

I quickly did a finishing touch by moving some plant life around and doing a finishing redo, finally I was satisfied with the result.

My house was a middle ages modelled open blacksmith with a  two story house connecting to it from the back. It had a stone tub full of water, anvil (as always), a chimney, furious ferneries and a tool rack for my blacksmith needs.

In the connecting house I had an attic full of armour and weapons (ranging from worst to best from the entrance), my bed, space chests full of gold and other things (hidden of course), paintings of me and my friends, daily needs in general.

On the second floor I had my personal armour and weapons along with some ranged weapons such as arm cross bows-spears and so on. I also had a summoning portal where I kept my pets and familiars (who don’t need to be fed as I paid for membership items and pets/familiars), and finally my personal (membership item) rune/scroll maker caldron that somehow makes them using the needed items and resources.

I looked at my “camouflaged” house seriously as I need to find anything that will make it stand out, EVEN THE SMALLEST part of my house that sticks out will be the end of me (and my master pieces) for GOOD!

When I looked at my house from every angle (even from the sky) for about an hour I when back inside and towards the second floor (after saying “hello” to Druid) then straight into the portal to meet my pets/familiars in person. After a quick bright shine of light, I found myself on top of white clouds with small houses here and there, some were huge to fit a giant or a dragon, and some were small to fit fairies. All in all they were of all sorts of sizes and as I stood there I was welcomed by a Japanese Yoki  fox  woman (I love her because she was cute) who was a bit smaller than me, had orange hair with yellow fox eyes, nine tails (the more tails the stronger; max is 9), pointy ears and is wearing a kimono that was white with a red tint along with flowers.

“Greetings master. It is lovely to see you again.”

I was startled. The reason. It was because NPC’s don’t have expressions and don’t have many lines to give. But I knew I was in a new world where the game I was playing turned into reality, that was a given as I have been here for only one day so far.

“H-hello there Ahri, thanks for the greeting. Has anything gor-guh.”

I had some one hug me from behind and felt small squishy things on my back. As I turned around I found a young girl in her 12-15 years old with a full black ninja suit (with knifes, guns and grenades along with a small tool kit and medic kit). She has black hair and eyes; she was just below my chest height.

“Master! You’re here, I miss you so much!”

“O-oh hello Shusha, have you been training hard? Or are you slacking off again?”

I tried to keep calm and talked in a casual tone as I don’t want them to think something was wrong with me as I am kind of having a hard time accepting this right now. They all of human feelings even though they are my pets/familiars. I don’t know if I can keep calm if I meet “Him” at all, just thinking about it might be hard.

Shusha, having been told that she might have been slacking off, puffed up her cheeks and tightened her hug on me from behind.

It started to hurt, my back that is.

“O-ouch! Hey can you not try and brake my back please, Shusha?”

“Only because you came back I’ll let you go……If only I can stay like this for a bit more.”

“Did you say something Shusha?”

As I asked she panicked and started waving her hands around while saying “n-nothing at all” with a red face for some reason. I started thinking that she was getting a fever because it is real life and all, so I placed my forehead against hers and started taking her temperature to see if she was sick or not.

“W-w-w-what are you d-doing m-master?!”

“I’m seeing if you are sick or not. And it looks like you are not sick at all. But your face is red as an apple though.”

As I removed my head from hers I felt something like an animal was right behind me and was ready to kill at any time. As I turned around to see who/what was full of killing intent, turned out it was Ahri who was releasing the killing intent with a normal smile as if there was no problem in the world.

Not to self: Don’t make Ahri mad.

“ Um Ahri, why are you releasing so much killing intent?”

I tried to keep calm and asked Ahri.

“No. Not at all master, it’s just that I am VERY HAPPY for your return and the friendship you have with Shusha is, how do you say it? Friendly, that’s all.”

THAT IS CLEARLY NOT IT! It was more like ‘I am envious of you doing that to Shusha’ then I am happy for you both. That means is Ahri and Shusha are fighting over me then….


“ huh? Gouh!”

I get pinned down, mounted and hugged with a feeling of something soft and the smell of something extremely sweet. I can only think of something that matches the most fearsome being I have under my control and the being is every man’s dream and nightmare.

A lovely Succubus….


PS: is it hard to read with ” as the start of someone talking? or is it all right as it is? if not i will change it to [ for the replacement of “


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