The Blacksmith God 2

The Black Smith God

Chapter 2: A new World, A new Life

All right, all right, claim down now, everything is all right, right?


I started thrashing my tail around in panic and stop my tail with my hands only to panic again. After a few moments and a couple of broken armors later I calmed down and started to think of how and where I am.

I started to look around and tidy up my Black Smith house while remaining clam or at least as much as I could. After confirming that it is in fact the real deal I started to walk out of my house (Black Smith) and took a look around. What I saw was a massive hill that I was located on, a forest and finally an open plain with a small village not too far or close to the forest. When I turned around only saw that my Black Smith was the only thing that got transported along with me, this was both good and bad as I maybe the only one who got to this place from the RPG game but it is always good to try and find others though fame and such.

I also saw that it was night time and the village was mostly asleep which is good for me as I can start covering my one and only home with whatever I can find around here and make sure no one can find it, for now that is. I started to flap my wing to take a better look around the place I was transported to and found out there was a small cave around 50 meters tall and 40 meters wide just an overall good size and there was a cave too. This cave was 200 meters away from my house.

I found a small lake just a bit further from where the cave is about 50 meters? And it looks like it’s clean water too which is always good.

“All right I found some sort of water source. Maybe I can also use it for my smiting and Armour making. Hhhmm”.

I muttered to myself and started to think of my next master piece and what it will be, I was thinking about a helm or a pair of leg gear for myself in my head.


I felt somethings presence thanks to my assassin training and quickly went to a branch of a tree nearby and hid myself behind the smaller ones to conceal myself and waited for “it” or “who” to go past me. By the way I am an “Assassin Grand Master Rank” which is the highest rank in the Assassin class so I was able to pick up the presence with my “Presence Detection: Grand” and the radius of it is 150 meters. From 100 meters I can identify “who” or “what” it is, from 50 meters I know where it is even if the target is behind a wall.

I waited for 5 minutes and it was …. A wild boar, and by my skill it was a big one at that, about the size or a car and … injured.

(So there are hunting that wild boar, and that means they’re from the village I just saw a moment ago? bandits maybe knight or a caravan group looking for food? I’ll wait.)

As I waited the boar came into view and by the looks of it, it has an injured back left leg, cuts on its back (mostly on the right) and an arrow in its right eye along with a chipped right tusk. As I was watching where the boar was heading at a time like this and hearing the boar making a run for it while making a pig’s noise along with a heavy breath, I started to feel a total of 8 other presence and most likely their the hunters.

“Ha….ha…ha I found it! It headed for the lake by the looks of it!” Man A.

“Ha….ha….augh dang branch. I’ll take out it’s other leg just need to be a bit closer!” Man B.

“Come on! We nearly got it!” Young boy/man.

The man with the bow got an arrow ready and took aim for a second before letting the arrow fly, not wasting a second he went for another arrow and fired once more aiming for the good leg. The first arrow hit the targets thigh and the second landed with a *crack* so it was most likely broke the leg bone or dug into the bone and the third arrow (that the man prepared just in case) landed just above the second along with another *crack* sound.

“Nice shot as all ways Cliff”.

“No…. was it? I just focus hard on the target like I all ways do. Just like teacher all ways says [if you put your mind to it].

As the other made it to where Cliff was they readied themselves and walked, while on guard, to the boar and encircled it. The boar (while making a lot of noise) was in pain and started swinging its tusks left and right, trying to hit the hunters with its life on the line. One of the hunters got on its back and stabbed its head with a sword right in the center and with a stretch and a *thud* it died.

“All right! We killed this troublesome fellow and it took all day to kill it to” a young man/boy said this while wiping the sweat of his brow with the back of his hand and placing his sword back into the sheath. The other nodded with tied faces.

“Yea and we better move quickly or else those pesky wolfs with come here from the scent of blood and I say we better high tail it quickly. I don’t want to start fighting again.”

The hunters agreed with an “Hhmm” or a nod as they were all tired and started preparations for the transport of the dead boar. As the boar was the size of a car they only cut what they could carry and started to head back down from where they came.

As a young female hunter was heading off see looked around and her eyes stopped on me and stared.

“…? Something wrong? Or did you scene something?”

As a nearby hunter asked the young female hunter she replayed with

“I saw something in that tree over there and it is defiantly not a bird as I haven’t heard a bird sound for far too long”

And took out her sword along with a ball and though it to where I was and

“Cover your eyes!”

A flash of bright light came from the ball, I mean flash bang?, and because I didn’t cover my eyes as I didn’t know until now. I covered my eyes and fell to the ground while trying to get my eye sight back though blinking rapidly.

“What is that?”

“I don’t know but I have a feeling that we should leave right now!”

“Me too”

As the hunters talked to each other about what they should do to me

“I think we should kill it”

One of them said this and as I had my eye sight taken from me I could not tell who it was but I know where he was and so

“I’ll take its life so don…..GUH”

I stabbed him with my tail, most likely his chest, and with my tail still in him bought him to me and with my hidden blades on my arms, killed him quickly.


“WHY YOU!” Cliff.

I quickly turned invisible with “Camouflage” which just happens I forgot to use it when I was in the tree as I didn’t think that my armour reflected of me, and though my “Presence Detection: Grand” ran on all fours (I got use to wall climbing and so on in the game, this also applies to my dragon form) towards the other side of the lake as I didn’t want to lead them to my home.



PS: Been Busy ILR.


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