The Black Smith God

The Black Smith God

Chapter 1: Awakening

One a boring day at home during the holidays, I was playing my favourite RPG (Role Playing Game) on a hot summers day when something happened when I was playing it. I was the number one Black Smith in the game where I had millions of requests to make them the best weapon in the game, ranging from bow to swords or to axes and lancers. But I didn’t make the requested item for them as I only made it for my friends who I have played with through thick and thin as well as my guild members as we trust each other with our backs during guild quest or guild battles/wars.

But I do request for other people every now and then, mainly streamers or youtubers as I do like to be famous sometimes but only the big shots as there’s lots of people watching it. There are mainly other Black Smiths, who try to copy me, but there’s a thing in the game that makes it hard to copy other people’s methods of craftsmanship and it is called the “Custom System”. It states from – the forums made by the GM (Game Master) that – “Whoever finds the best method of making the item of any kind and the person who tries to copy it will have to know the method of creating that item from the person who found it but if the copier finds that method through tries and errors then he/she can also make the item with this method.”

It means that the copycat has to find the method themselves or learn it from the person in order to create the item that they wish to make themselves. Lots of people agreed and disagreed saying “it helps as it gives more of a live feel to it” and others say “it’s too much of a hassle” or “this is like cheating”, something like that. But I find it to be more amazing and creative as it does give off that real life feeling as well as the feeling of being a true Black Smith in the game.

As I was remembering such things a fellow guild member walked into the Black Smith room that was made for me as I am the number one Black Smith and all. The guild member is in fact my best friend “online” and he is the best tank knight I know and as he is also number one in the game. He’s a tall Troll with a heavy build, thick arms and legs, a chest that looks like it was made from iron itself and a mean looking face with claw marks running from his left eye to his right lips. He was wearing his best armour which was made by me of course, it was dragon scales mixed with black diamond and the hardest metal in the game along with enchantments for HP and MP regen with increased ADEF/MAKDEF (Attack Defence/Magic Defence).

Many people were raging over his armour kit and specs as he’s the vanguard of the “Tank Knights” who’s job is to take the most damage in the whole group and stay alive as long as possible! And the people who say “it’s got to be a hack or a cheat there’s no way he can take 10k damage and still live!” or something like “His HP and MP don’t go under 30%? And the regen is more then what he uses at that!” of course it sounds unbelievable as he can spam all the spells in his kit 100 times before he has to wait for it to regen back which is crazy even for me the creator of the armour!

“Hello ‘Black Smith God’ making a new piece of armour I see. What kind of armour is it this time? Is it going to make the whole server stop for a second once more?”

“Don’t call me the ‘Black Smith God’ I don’t like that name, Kimon and I prefer it if you use my name Hellion then that title”

“All right now don’t get mad at that. Anyways have you heard from the GMs (Game Master)? They are going to make a big update in the game you know, they said they are going to make a new place on the map as well as a new country, but they haven’t thought of a name yet. Anyways the game is going to be down for a few months starting today at midnight so I came to say ‘bye’ and all that. Anyways I’m off for today; I hope to see you here once again.” Kimon.

We said our goodbyes and I saw him off. I looked at my character once more with sadness. My character was a Dragon-Humanoid with black scales covering my arms, legs and a bit of my face. I had a black tail a pair of wings both covered in the same armour I made for Kimon but in black not white, as his armour was. I had dragon knuckles along with a full set of light armour also made from Kimon’s armour but I had remodelled it with two sword holsters on my back and on my tail I made a hidden blade, I also put the hidden blades on the underside or my dragon knuckles to look and feel more like an assassin. For my helmet I made it with a Spartans’ feel and look from the movie ‘300’ but no mane and it was in black as well, all in all I had nothing but black armour and scales which makes it harder for others to see me in a night battle which is what I aimed for.

I took a quick look at the time and it was 11:55pm.

“So I have 5 more minutes huh? Just in time too I finished my master piece that I have been working on for a whole month.”

It was my second sword made for me as I only have one on me which is called “Green Death” it was a sword that had a crazy amount of damage and life steal along with an AOE (Area of Effect) hit on effect that damages people around it with only 80% of attack damage. It was really affective in team fights with everyone near each other and dungeon raids with a hoard of monsters.

I also have a double edge spear with two blades in a curve and on the tips a small “^” shape hook to grip the shield of Knight’s and make an opening for attack. It was based off the paddles when you go canoeing and you were given the double sided paddle which really helps with battle rhythm and combos that won’t let your opponent have a chance at attacking.

And now my master piece sword has been completed. It was a sword with a black fog around it and a mean looking sword with a humans skull in the centre of the handle, in the centre of the blade there was a small line of white and at the end of it is a super sharp tip. It was a Katana from Japan, the home of razor sharp weapons that can cut through 100 breastplates and still keep its super sharp edge! Japanese Black Smiths forge the blade and fold it 10 times and repeat it until they get the sharpness they want which is super sharp.

I’m a Chef in a 5 star Hotel and I have a Japanese knife, one day I was checking to see how sharp it is as it was easy to cut through all the veg I was cutting. So I run the tip of my finger down the blade (not all the way, I stopped half way) and removed my finger, only to see a line of blood coming out of it. It was truly a master piece of art and hard work from the heart! For a knife, A KNIFE! And I got on the web to search for the answer to my question which was “How Japanese Katanas’ are made”.

And after reading all the info I could find I started making my master piece in game to see how sharp it is and how deadly it can truly become.

But after heard the GMs announcement I started working on my master piece for longer hours and even asked for a break from my Boss who allowed me a month’s holiday. And I worked on it for an absurd amount of time which was 16 hours a day but it was not a big deal for me as I work 16 hours a day cutting, cooking, plating etc in the kitchen which Chefs do for that long.

And finally it’s done.

And now for a name! Let’s call you “The Black Blade” and check your stats!


Name: Black Blade

Weapon Type: Katana

Creator: Hellion

Level: 1 (max level 10)

Attack Damage: 15600 – 35000

True Damage: 2000-5000

Life Steal: 80%

Durability: Unbreakable

Special: “Blood Thirsty Blade” When attacking an opponent the sword will drain blood from the opponent; the sword will gain up to 100 stacks of “Blood Thirsty Blade”. For every 10 stacks the sword will gain +1000 Damage until the user is killed/un-equips’ “Black Blade” or reaches 100 stacks.

“Blood Regen” When the user attacks a third time they will gain 100% life steal on that strike.

“Fallen Warrior” Upon death the user will lose all “Blood Thirsty Blade” stacks and revive will 40% of the users MAX HP. This has a 5 minute cooldown.

“Ruthless Strike” Upon activation the user will strike once in a ‘cone shape’ for a range of 5 meters and deals 300% of the users attack damage. This has a cooldown of 40 seconds.

“Unbreakable Bond” This sword is bounded to the user until the user says otherwise. Black Blade is bounded to user “Hellion”.

“Growth” This sword will level up a max of 10 times upon reaching the requirements in a forge or Black Smith.

I have no words…….

This is 100% OVER POWERED! I took a minute to calm myself down and equipped the “Black Blade”. I told everyone else I know that I will stay till the game shuts down so I stayed inside my Black Smith until the time hits 12pm on the dot and forced log out by the GMs.

I took a look at the time once more to see how much longer I had to wait until the 12:00pm shows.


I kept my eye on it for a bit longer until I saw a 12:00pm and shut my eyes while thinking of the next time I was able to log in, a tear ran down my face.

Wait what?

I touched my face to rub off the tear that was on it and I felt a cold, scaly thing touch it and I looked at my hand and it was my game Characters’ hand. A black draong-oids’ hand with talons for fingers and wearing the dragon knuckles that I made equipped on it.

I tried to stay calm and started to think of something on how to prove that I was still in a game. I looked at the forge that was on my left and thought “in the game there was no heat so I shouldn’t feel any heat right?.”

So I went closer to it and reached out my hand only to feel the heat reach my hand.

I started to panic.


PS: Tell me what you guys think of this.


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